Adam Marshall dined at a pizzeria with a person who later tested positive for the coronavirus. Follow the latest updates

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First published on Wed, June 23, 2021 10:43 PM BST

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Queensland will report at least one new diagnosis of Covid after a 62-year-old isolated as part of the Portuguese restaurant cluster tests positive.

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No information will be sent to an MP. He was also in the household speech – the house was full on Tuesday. One would think the council should be every MP to get tested and isolate. When I think of Adam – he’s a good guy.

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Just after 8 a.m. this morning, I was officially notified by NSW Health that I had returned a positive test for COVID-19.

I’ve been isolated in Sydney late Tuesday night when I texted NSW Health in which I informed on Monday evening about my presence in a place with close contact and the need to introduce myself for testing.

To everyone who contacted me this morning, thank you very much for your thoughts and best wishes – I am fine and I will continue to strictly follow the advice of the health authorities.

To our wonderful NSW Health employees who continue to do an excellent job in these challenging times, thank you for your support and efforts to keep us all safe and stay healthy.

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One of the MPs approved in Parliament @Matt_KeanMP sits next to Adam Marshall in Parliament. Surely a close contact? I’m confused.

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NSW Agriculture Secretary Adam Marshall confirmed this morning to Ben Fordham of 2GB that he had tested positive for Covid-19. In a statement aired by Fordham, Marshall said:

I just got a call from NSW Health providing formal advice [I tested positive for Covid]. Asymptomatic but positive. No doubt from the pizzeria I went to on Monday night. I’ve been in full ISO since Tuesday night when I got the text for testing.

Fordham said Marshall was one of four MPs who had dinner at Christo’s Pizza in Paddington on Monday. Tuesday was a busy day in the NSW parliament with the handover of the state budget. There were also party room meetings.

Health Secretary Brad Hazzard, who is in self-isolation, told 2GB that he was not sure he had been advised to do so as he was in close contact with Marshalls.

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BREAKING Today only 16 members are allowed in the NSW parliament. The rest said not to come for some reason. #nswpol

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Seems like there was a bailout from the Morrison media deluge this morning (he was also on Brisbane Radio 4BC):

So the Prime Minister is doing the “media rounds” this morning and diving on Sunrise and Today on. He has decided not to accept our invitation to beam from The Lodge in @BreakfastNews during his quarantine (the offer that was made at the PMO just this week). We will continue to inquire on your behalf. #auspol

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The Prime Minister and I spoke extensively yesterday and I have stayed in touch with the situation in NSW over the past week.

I think the approach she is taking is correct. Meaningful pre-restrictions are being put in place that will affect people across Sydney.

My family is back in Sydney. I spoke to Jen and the girls last night and they are going to do what everyone else in Sydney is doing.

But everyone knows that we have to follow these rules to get out of this current situation, and I have no doubt that the NSW government will relax these restrictions as soon as possible.

That has always been their attitude and I think it encourages people, especially in NSW, to know that once these restrictions are not necessary, they will be lifted, as Gladys Berejiklian and her government have over the course of this Time always tries pandemic.

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Adam Marshall was one of four Nationals MPs who were isolated after eating at a pizzeria where a person with Covid (then unknowingly) had dinner.

The Delta variant is more contagious than what we’re used to as Victoria pointed out.

Confirmed Adam Marshall is positive but asymptomatic, @BenFordham says it was “no doubt” from Christos Pizzeria #nswpol

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Scott Morrison also did the media interview rounds from his quarantine at the lodge.

He described Barnaby Joyce as a “wind in the sails” on the Nine Network (which I think is right as things often wind off course Apart from that, he defended vaccine rollout (again) and talked about how he felt comfortable with NSW’s handling of the outbreak.

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Brad Hazzard also warned that more cases are being reported in NSW today. 16 new cases were reported yesterday (although 13 of these cases have today’s “official” numbers):

Uh, you see, I will not include the numbers here. We’ll do that this morning at 11 a.m., although I may not do it. Let’s see how it goes this morning.

But the problem for all of us is that we have to follow these new orders. And I’m just telling people that part of the process is to limit guests to our houses – no more than five guests.

It goes without saying that a mask is required in all indoor and non-residential facilities. So you don’t have to wear a mask at home.

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Brad Hazzard was scheduled to conduct a series of media interviews this morning, but NSW’s Minister of Health had to change and call them to close after receiving a text message saying he was in close contact with a possible Covid case.

It underscores how dangerous this Delta virus is. I received – during the night, I was supposed to be doing a number of television interviews this morning, including you – and was told when I woke up around 5:30 a.m. that a text message had come in sometime during the night – to be honest, I still did not figured out – telling me that a case was identified as likely positive and that I was a possible close contact. We are still working on that.

And Health obviously asked me to be careful until Health could give me further advice. So yes, I think it’s a message to everyone.

If the New South Wales Secretary of Health can get a text message at night and wake up to it, then obviously we all have a serious problem with this Delta virus right now .

And so I can’t – and I apologize to you and your viewers – that I just couldn’t at this point. But see, I am available for discussion and have no symptoms.

I just want to stress that it had to do with my job, of course the New South Wales Parliament.

And the location and details are undoubtedly being worked on by New South Wales Health this morning. But I’m pretty confident that the majority of the people in New South Wales Parliament will either have no or occasional contact, so this won’t be a big problem.

But from my point of view, I was certainly identified as a possible close contact, and I believe that was after an interview with a person who may be positive and who is working through these issues.

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Today the government is slated to unveil the childcare package, which sparked a boilover at this week’s party hall session as Labor fleshed out its political commitments to the sector. In case you missed childcare, read this Sarah Martin and Paul Karp story that explains it all. The short version is a heated debate that sparked this week in the coalition’s party hall over childcare allowances – with one MP suggesting that working women “outsource” parenting. Some MPs have wired that they will not support the package unless there is support for parents who look after their children at home.

So this is the government. Labor leader Anthony Albanese, meanwhile, will add some new details on the opposition’s childcare policy in a speech on Thursday. Albanese will say that if Labor wins the next election, major childcare providers and landlords who own more than 10 daycare centers will have to publicly report their childcare income and winning results on a government website. If Labor wins, it would create an obligation that every childcare allowance provider would have to publicly report real-time fee data, quality ratings, and average annual fee increases to facilitate parenting choice. Labor said nonprofit childcare providers are already required to report to the National Charities Commission, but the big for-profit providers – especially those owned by private equity – do not have the same responsibilities.

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It’s cold and raining and miserable in Canberra, if that helps set the mood for you. Scott Morrison is still in quarantine at the lodge, Barnaby Joyce will preside over QT, and the Liberals and Nationals publicly spat on the Murray Darling Basin Plan last night in the Senate, so times are good all around.

But all eyes are on Sydney, where a Delta variant Covid outbreak is worrying authorities. NSW Health Secretary Brad Hazzard is in self-isolation after being told he is in close contact with a possible confirmed case. Jodi McKay tweeted that NSW’s parliament had been postponed to 10:30 a.m. and staff were told to stay home. The contact works in Parliament, so it is possible that more MPs will be isolated. Four NSW Nationals MPs were forced to isolate themselves yesterday after being told they were in close contact with a possible case visiting the same pizza place they were.

Parli start has now been postponed to 10:30 am and staff was instructed not to attend. I would guess there is more to come.

Hazzard has said that Sydney will not be banned, but right now there is a very big “still” there. The next day or so will be critical. The numbers are not out of control, but the cluster has hit 30 very quickly, which is why authorities are concerned.

Yesterday, Hazzard said he was more concerned than ever since January 2020 if that gives you a clue. Gladys Berejiklian has not ruled out a lockdown and the Commonwealth has designated much of Sydney as a hotspot by national definition.

You have Mike Bowers and Amy Remeikis on the blog, with Katharine Murphy, Sarah Martin, Daniel Hurst and Paul Karp in Canberra.

It’s going to be a pretty big day so stay with us (and grab all of the coffee). We will need it.

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