Flood warnings are in place across most of the country as NSW, Queensland and Victoria prepare for more torrential rains. Follow all the news of the day

Thu 11th Nov 2021 21.05 GMT

First published on Thu, Nov 11, 2021, 8:25 PM GMT

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Sixteen people have died since the pandemic began in Australia as part of the government’s troubled seasonal labor program.

The numbers came to light as the program raised widespread allegations of exploitation and “inhuman conditions” as well as a possible class action lawsuit The death toll has also raised concerns that Pacific Islanders coming to Australia as part of the program are not receiving adequate safety training.

Of the 16 deaths since the pandemic began, between 2018 and 2019 were zero and recorded three deaths between 2017 and 2018.

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Protesters of the Extinction Rebellion marked the last day of Cop26 by dumping a large pile of dung in front of the office of Federal Finance Minister Simon Birmingham and declaring that the UN climate summit was a “shitty show”.

The message by Extinction Rebellion is simple: The Cop26 climate summit was rubbish, and Australia’s contribution stank the most.

Not only has the Morrison government passed a weak, non-binding “plan” with no new guidelines or mandates, it has also refused to sign global commitments to limit methane emissions and phase out fossil fuel production.

Instead, the government continued to mine coal and gas, with the largest carbon polluter Santos at the center of the Australian Pavilion in Glasgow.

Extinction Rebellion protesters dumped a large pile of dung in front of Treasury Secretary @Birmo’s office, saying that Cop26 was a “shit show”. pic.twitter.com/YJk6OCZpXk

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It is an honor to attend the state funeral of Bert Newton in Melbourne today – a man who brought joy to so many Australians. pic.twitter.com/qKfxadsQrc

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Today is also the last official day of the Cop26, but UN chief António Guterres says that the countries’ previous emission reduction commitments are “insufficient” and he calls on the global community to “increase the pace”:

The announcements here in Glasgow are encouraging – but nowhere near enough … promises sound hollow when the fossil fuel industry is still receiving trillions in subsidies.

Cop26 President Alok Sharma warned that time was running out to be before AFP reports:

We still have a monumental challenge ahead of us. Quite a lot has been achieved. But we are still a long way from finalizing these very critical questions that are still open.

He welcomed a joint Sino-US pact to accelerate climate protection this decade, which experts say should allay fears that the Visible tensions at the beginning of the summit could lead to the failure of the talks.

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In Melbourne today, hundreds of Bert Newton’s family and friends will gather to bid farewell to the Australian TV legend with a live broadcast of the state funeral.

Today’s ceremony will take place at 10 a.m. in St. Patrick’s Cathedral in East Melbourne. It’s not open to the public due to Covid-19 restrictions, but the service is streamed online, with TV channels Nine, Ten and Seven also broadcasting.

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A bill that would give the terminally ill in NSW access to voluntary euthanasia is due to be debated in the NSW parliament today, reports AAP. NSW is the only state that has passed voluntary euthanasia laws. A “respectful” debate on the 2021 voluntary euthanasia law will take place in the House of Commons, according to its proponent, Sydney Independent MP Alex Greenwich:

After a year of consultation and many months after the law was made public, I look forward to it me that the debate on this compassionate and conservative bill can finally begin on Friday.

Greenwich’s bill has a record 28 co-sponsors from across the political spectrum. Both Labor and the coalition have indicated that they will allow a conscience vote on the issue. But Prime Minister Dominic Perrottet and Labor opposition leader Chris Minns have announced that they will vote against. According to the SMH reports, Perrottet will take the unorthodox move of being the first government spokesman to respond to the law. Greenwich introduced the bill on October 12, but the debate won ‘not close until 2022 after the government and Labor agreed to refer them to a House of Lords investigation. The inquiry will hold hearings throughout December with a report due on the first day of next year’s session. Greenwich has accused fellow parliamentarians of delaying. But he said the debate would start before noon today “assuming no more procedural games”.

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Good morning everyone and welcome to Friday. Matilda Boseley brings you all the news you need as we count down to the weekend.

Big news today is of course the heavy rain and winds causing flooding on the east coast, with some areas of NSW raining for more than a month in just a few days.

⚠️ # Flood warning for #LachlanRiver in #Nanami, #Forbes, #CottonsWeir and #Booligal. Smaller floods with moderate flooding possible at Nanami on Saturday. See https://t.co/AdztI2rqg1 for details and updates; Follow the advice of @NSWSES. #NSWFloods pic.twitter.com/kqufnFrpgj

Colder temperatures, showers, and gusty west to northwest winds are expected across the state today, and the Bureau of Meteorology has warned sheep grazers that the weather may get so bad their animals may not survive the day.

Victoria emergency services have also warned that heavy rain can cause flash floods in parts of Gippsland.

A HEAVY RAIN WEATHER warning has been issued for this Friday, November 12th. HEAVY RAINFALL can lead to LIGHTNING OVERFLOW in parts of Gippsland. Stay up to date with the latest weather forecasts and warnings via @BOM_Vic: https://t.co/CvgmAt2eHd pic.twitter.com/Cch1nxLm8T

The heavy rain left an empty school bus and three SUVs between two fast on Wednesday afternoon Including rising streams near Narrabri. In Bingara, the SES was forced to evacuate stranded holidaymakers from a flooded caravan park.

It seems that there could be more scenes like this today, with flood warnings for the Lachlan River at Nanami and for the Gwydir and Mehi Rivers at Gravesend, Pallamallawa, Yarraman Bridge and Moree.

Ref: https://www.theguardian.com