Invited in The soundtrack on the airwaves of France Inter, Audrey Fleurot was deeply annoyed by a question from Nagui this Friday, September 2.

After Le Bazar de la Charité, then HPI, Audrey Fleurot has become a strong woman of TF1, chaining roles on the small screen. She is also on the poster of the event series Mensonges, which she promoted on the airwaves of France Inter, this Friday, September 2. Thus, the actress played the game of confidences in front of Nagui, in the program The original tape. But there was one question that annoyed her and she didn’t hide it. A link with his relationship with Djibril Glissant? Far from there. The host asked her about what had pushed her to become an actress, when she was 8 years old.

A question that Audrey Fleurot can no longer bear, as she has answered it throughout her career. “Are you, really, going to make me re-tell this story that I have already told 250,000 times? Oh my, but that tires me myself,” she sighed, unsatisfied by the Nagui’s choice of question. “My daddy is very happy but hey … The point is, it’s the truth, but hey I’ve told it so much.” However, she did not refuse to answer this question and spared Mélanie Page’s husband by agreeing to “keep it short.” She therefore remembered the day her father was on call at the Comédie Française, when her mother encouraged her to be accompanied by Audrey Fleurot, then a child. “And so he took me and I had a revelation.” The media are warned.

There is however a subject that Audrey Fleurot agrees to discuss without great difficulty, although she cultivates the mystery around her private life. As a caring mother, she slipped hilarious confidences about her son Lou and his role as a mother to our colleagues at Télé Star magazine. “The fact that he is aware of my notoriety does not please me of the masses. Once at DisneyLand Paris, he bragged: ‘We do not stand in line because my mother is famous.’ I was too ashamed. told her he didn’t have to bring her back. I’m trying to debunk that. “

Nagui Fam was born in 1961 in Alexandria, to an Egyptian father, professor of French literature and a Franco-Italian mother, professor of …

Nagui is unbearable, it’s weird he and his good wife haven’t been on TV yet, to show us their tan for two months in St Trop as they do every year. It is true that now at noon we breathe with Laurence Boccolini, the show is much more relaxed, no moral lesson on education, food, the environment, that changes us … too much nagui kills nagui, let him be forgotten. No problem with his investments, he will be a millionaire again this year on the backs of the little people …

Nagui is on France Inter? The level of recruitment must have gone down then … And who can be interested in a conversation between him and Audrey Fleurot?

Since she turned in a series which was successful, she has a huge melon, she thinks she is a huge star.

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