At the end of the weekend, TF1 dominated the audiences of the evening in prime time with the first unencrypted broadcast of the film “Thor: Ragnarök”. The feature film with Chris Hemsworth drew 4.11 million viewers until 11:30 p.m., for a market share of 21.4% among the general public and 36.4% on senior women purchasing managers. under fifty (FRDA-50). When it was released in 2017, the film was viewed by 2.53 million French people. Last week, with the feature film “Suicide Squad”, the channel managed to unite 3.73 million people (19.6% of the public and 32.2% of the FRDA-50).

France 2 is behind with “The struggle of the classes”, an unreleased French film directed by Edouard Baer and Leila Bekhti. An offer that convinced 3.17 million curious and 15.2% of the public until 10:50 p.m. (11.3% of FRDA-50). Just over 454,000 people were wowed by the feature film when it was released in 2019. The film aired last Sunday, “Bridget Jones’s Diary”, was watched by 2.12 million pairs of eyes (12 , 6% of 4).

On France 3, the continuation of the investigations of “Commissioner Montalbano”, name of this Italian series carried by Luca Zingaretti, aroused the interest of 2.64 million people until 22:50. The market share amounted to 12.6% (1.5% on the FRDA-50). They were 3.12 million at the rendezvous of the unpublished last Sunday (16.0% of 4 and 1.0% FRDA-50).

M6 is in fourth position with the arrival of Florence de Soultrait at the controls of “Zone interdite” and a re-entry number dedicated to the baby pandas of the Beauval zoo. 2.43 million fans of great stories were present until 11:10 p.m., which represents a market share of 12.0% of the 4 and 16.2% of the female commercial target. Broadcast on Wednesday, August 18 with Ophélie Meunier, the latest issue of the magazine of the Six, had attracted 1.68 million people (9.0% of 4 and 17.0% of FRDA-50).

Among the other channels, on Arte, a classic film, “Dance with the Wolves”, moved 1.18 million fans of Kevin Costner and 6.6% of 4 years and over (3.2% on FRDA- 50). Finally, on France 5, two parts of the documentary series “The 100 places that must be seen” made an average of 1.03 million people nostalgic for summer holidays escape, or 4.8% of the public (1.4 % of FRDA-50).