Audiences talks August 30, 2021. Yesterday evening was the big start for the prime-time access talks. “Quotidien”, “TPMP” and “C à Vous” thus made their return to school.

And the first in the class is “Daily”! The second part of the show has 1.70 million viewers for a 7.1% market share of the general public. As for the first part, it was satisfied with – 960,000 faithful (4.9% of PDA)

“TPMP” or “Hands off my post” was not unworthy, far from it. The second part was able to count on 1.38 million fanzouzes (5.7% of PDA) while the first brought together 861,000 people (3.8% of PDA)

📍1,380,000 tlsp on average (peak at 1,569,000) @TPMP Meeting tonight from 7:10 pm!

“C à Vous” shows 916,000 viewers for its part 1 (5.1% of PDA) and 561,000 viewers (2.4% of PDA) for the second.

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