On Monday evening, TF1 won the audience with a new number of “Camping paradis”, its French series carried by Laurent Ournac and produced by JLA Productions, in co-production with TF1. The episode of last night, proposed in rerun and baptized “First loves”, attracted on average in front of its two parts 4.55 million faithful according to Médiamétrie. The audience share rose to 22.9% for individuals aged four and over (4) and the market share to 24.2% for women purchasing managers under the age of fifty (FRDA- 50). TF1 is thus the leader on the main commercial target. Last week, the “Camping paradis” series, offered as a brand new one, was followed by 4.87 million campers on average (26.0% 4 / 28.0% FRDA- 50).

M6 is second with the unreleased American film “Baywatch: Alert in Malibu” (2017). Worn by Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron, directed by Seth Gordon, this feature film inspired by David Hasselhoff’s famous series has convinced 2.58 million curious people, which represents an audience share of 13.3% on the whole public. On the commercial target, the market share is at a high level: 23.8%. When it was released in theaters, “Baywatch: alert in Malibu” had attracted 1.6 million spectators. Last week, the new comedy “Nicky Larson” had gathered an average of 2.25 million fans (11.6% 4 / 22.6% FRDA-50).

France 2 is third with the return of “Motive: Le motive du crime”, its Canadian series led by Kristin Lehman. The first two unseen episodes of the evening – which had three of them – could count on an average of 2.31 million individuals, or 11.1% of the public and 5.9% of the FRDA-50. , the launch of season 3 of “Motive …” had brought together 2.52 million followers (12.7% 4 / 6.9% FRDA-50). Last week, “Major Crimes” had been able to to bring together 2.05 million amateurs of police series (10.3% 4 / 7.4% of FRDA-50).

France 3 is at the foot of the podium by also betting on the cinema with “La soup aux choux” (1981), a French multi-broadcast film by Jean Girault with Louis de Funès and Jean Carmet. This comedy made laugh on average 2.13 million cinephiles, for an audience share of 10.4% (10.6% on the FRDA-50). Last week, “Lovers of my wife”, unpublished film from and with Daniel Auteuil had federated 1.67 million French people on the channel (8.4% 4 / 2.3% FRDA-50).

On the side of the other chains, C! imposes itself with “Mary” (2017), a film with Chris Evans which seduced 1.20 million curious, or 5.9% of the public (6.6% FRDA-50).

Ref: https://www.ozap.com