The emergency services were alerted around 7.45 p.m. Sunday when a serious accident had just occurred on the RD 620 towards Limoux (Aude). For some as yet undetermined reason, behind the wheel of his Renault Twingo, the driver swung off the road before striking a plane tree to finish his race on the roof below the road, in a field.

Firefighters and SMUR doctors, according to the Independent, took care of the three victims, aged 25 for two of them and 27 for the third, a man and two women. The three wounded who were stuck in the vehicle were then in cardio-respiratory arrest. They could not be revived and were pronounced dead.

The gendarmes of the company of Limoux also went on the spot to carry out the observations. At the request of the Carcassonne public prosecutor’s office, an investigation is currently open to determine the exact circumstances of this departure from the road. The journey of the three young people should be redone by the gendarmes this Monday at the same times as the day before.