Orchestrated by Sothebyâ € ™ s, first in Monaco from December 3 to 5, before Paris on December 14 and 15, this tribute sale reveals the intimate side of it. a fashion icon, compulsive shopper, but visionary in the history of styles.

All his life, Karl Lagerfeld has spent lavishly. And always hated selling, even if it had to be, to renew his worlds. “What’s fun is to collect, not to own (â ?? ¦), but to strip off you have to have owned,” he said. As a prelude to Sotheby’s two-volume catalog, the critic Patrick Mauriès recalls how, “carried by the frenzy of a novelty that” he had to invent, cultivating forgetting like a virtue, he always seemed ready to change spaces like so many lives ”. Few have seen so many sales of his own collections like him, turning the pages of the history of styles like a visionary, without ever being locked in.

There were the Memphis creations – and its iconic boxing ring bed – sold by Sotheby’s in 1980. The 18th century furniture, at Christie’s, in 2000. Then there was it. ?? Art Deco with its ceramics by Simmen and Oâ ???? Kin or Soudbinine, at Sothebyâ € ™ s, in 2003. And, in recent years, the furniture

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the 03/12/2021 at 09:22

It would be funny if in the end he left an irrecoverable slate for the tax authorities … the day when the legislator understands that one cannot without stopping taxing without limit the most successful under pretext let the base reader ask, we will have made a lot of progress

the 12/02/2021 at 11:21 PM

I was never enthusiastic about Karl Lagerfeld’s sartorial genre. But given his influence, I applaud this project in his honor.

The singer’s widow plans to take legal action against the controversy who uses an image of the rocker who died almost four years ago.

Tchaikovsky’s ballet is considered racist for its oriental and Asian dances. Several British institutions have chosen to modify it while the Berlin Staatsballett has decided not to schedule it this winter.

The anti-racist activist gives a tribune to the Washington Post in which she believes that the French nation should not be “congratulated on its treatment of people of color”. A way of trampling, once again, universalism.

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