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Chancellor Rishi Sunak insisted he has no ambition to become prime minister, asserting that he is “struggling enough” in his current position.

Mr Sunak is often described as a potential successor to Boris Johnson if he resigns as the Tory leader in the near future.

At the end of September, an exclusive survey by Ipsos Mori showed that architect Eat Out to Help Out was beating the incumbent Prime Minister via a set of leadership qualities..

But asked if he had his sights set on number 10, the 40-year-old said in an interview with LadBible: “Absolutely not.”.

“I have enough suffering just to try to do the job that I own and keep my head above the water, quite frankly,” he told the site as part of the “5 Minutes With” series.

In response to the suggestions, he said he could be the first non-white national leader. He said: “Maybe it is worth taking into account, because I am not the first non-white advisor. Saj (Sajid Javid) had the job before me – he had that privilege.

“I think that says a lot about our country quite frankly,” he added. “This is an incredibly tolerant country where people like my family have been warmly welcomed, and the Saj family has been warmly welcomed and integrated into society..

Colliding with 10-year-old Toki Seikiguchi during a Street Rugby game with a group of Tokyo children, outside Tokyo Square Gardens in October 2015

Greek Minister of Culture Melina Mercury speaks with the then president of the Oxford Union before addressing the union on the subject of Elgin Marble in 1986

As a member of MP Henley and Editor of Spectator, Boris was an attractive character after a 2004 morning jog

Boris apologized after a mistake made by Maurizio Gaudino from Germany during the Legends match between England and Germany at the Madejski Stadium in May 2006 in Reading

During the election campaign for mayor, Boris wears a shawl by community members while visiting the Husseini Mosque in Northholt in April 2008

Waving the Olympic flag during the closing ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics at the National Stadium “Bird’s Nest” in August 2008

With a wax photo of himself unveiled at Madame Tussauds in May 2009 (Boris is on the left!)

With a group of Indian dancers at the opening of the New East London Railroad above ground in Dalston Junction in April 2010

His artistic side appears in a City Hall cartoon as he meets a group of newspaper cartoonists in 2010

Playing with musician Newton Faulkner to highlight the rhythm of the capital for the London Underground Competition in March 2011

I’ll be a bike: cycling with ex-governor of California and Terminator star Arnold Schwarzenegger in March 2011

Michel Platini hands over the UEFA Champions League Cup 2011 Final at Wembley

Holly Petlin greeting her meeting with voters in Richmond after his April 2012 bid for reelection was launched.

On the subway after casting his vote in the local elections at a polling station in May 2012

Photographers snapped at the dining area of ​​the London 2012 Olympic Athletes Village in Olympic Park in July 2012

Top desk: Badly left hanging from a zip wire in London’s Victoria Par during a publicity campaign in the 2012 Olympic public viewing area

Delivering a speech at a press conference titled “Introducing the Enduring Legacy of the London 2012 Games” in August 2012

With Prime Minister David Cameron as he lit the Olympic cauldron for the Paralympics at Trafalgar Square in August 2012

Ready to go at the NatWest CricketForce event at Harrow Town CC Ground in April 2013

He took his picture while taking a photo in central London to promote the 2013 match in the Euroleague 4th Final

While playing during a Rally Against Cancer charity match on Day 7 of the AEGON Championship in Queens Club in June 2013

Use of “vibrating poker” on freshly cast concrete on the Greenwich Square housing development construction site in November 2013

With Prime Minister David Cameron during a visit to the Crossrail construction site down Tottenham Court Road in January 2014

Once again with David Cameron, this time he met the interns and students during a visit to the Harrow Skills Center as they headed down the campaign path together in May 2014

Mowing a sheep, with the help of New Zealand’s most successful sheep mower, David Fagan, on a visit to Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, May 2014

Wearing a traditional headdress while visiting the Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, a major new Hindu temple to be built in Kingsbury, in May 2014

Rory McIlroy looks at Boris Johnson launching Santander 1 | 2 | 3 World in Potters Field, Tower Bridge in September 2014

Addressing delegates at the 2014 Conservative Party conference in Birmingham, with the help of a stone

Raising money for the launch of London Poppy Day at Liverpool Street Station with Brian Blessed in a call with Londoners to help raise more than £ 1 million in October 2014

Political heavyweight: Boxing with a coach during his visit to the Fighting for Peace Academy in Woolwich in October 2014

Playing wheelchair tennis with the Jordan White of GB to promote the NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters in November 2014

Demonstrates his hand foreclosure skills with David Cameron during the 2015 election campaign at Advantage Nursery for Kids at Sorbeton’s Kindergarten in April 2015

Celebrating on stage with his victory as Count Oxbridge attends Brunel University in the 2015 general election

Boris stretches before tugging during the London Poppy Day launch in October 2015. . .

A cyclist gives a nod to the mayor as he rides a bike over Vauxhall Bridge to launch the first London freeway in November 2015

Talking to Stafford Residents in Market Square during Voting Leave with the now infamous Brexit Battle Bus in May 2016

Take a break during the voting campaign to come out with a pint before meeting with members of the public and supporters in Pearsbridge, near Darlington in June 2016

Shaking hands with US President Donald Trump before a meeting on UN reform at UN headquarters in New York in September 2017

Calls made during a LBC radio phone call in June 2019 during the Tory leadership campaign

This is the second time the chancellor has spilled water on suggestions that he might be the next highest ranked position in the UK.

When asked after his caucus speech last month if he ultimately wanted to move from No. 11 to the next house, Mr. Sunak laughed: “Oh my God, no.”. I certainly don’t see what the prime minister has to deal with.

Nevertheless, for anyone whose hopes have been dashed by Mr. Sonak’s allegations, it is worth remembering that Johnson has repeatedly ruled out getting the valuable political role before his election..

The incumbent prime minister insisted that he has a greater chance of “materializing in the form of olives” or “being decapitated by a flying disc” or “closed in an abandoned refrigerator” than the nation’s leadership.

But in June of last year, he launched his successful bid to succeed Theresa May as leader of the Conservative Party and was named Prime Minister..

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