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An aged nurse is one of two confirmed cases of tuberculosis monitored by Mackay Base Hospital.

Contact tracing is carried out, with the hospital’s respiratory department coordinating treatment of the two cases.

The two are not related and both individuals are isolated at home while being treated.

The name of the private nursing home has not been published for privacy reasons, but the executive director of Mackay Hospital and Health Services, Dr. Philip Reasbeck said the risk to the care facility and the wider community is small.

He said the hospital’s breathing team then contacted those who had been in prolonged contact with the people.

“We will start a testing program according to strict public health guidelines,” said Dr. Reasbeck.

“We have a world-renowned system for tracing and verifying contacts under public health guidelines, and it has started now. ”

Dr. Reasbeck said residents and staff of the elderly care facility who had prolonged contact with the person were contacted.

“There is no cause for concern. Only those contacted directly by our breathing team need to be tested, ”he said.

“If you or your family are not contacted, you do not need to take any action.

“Tuberculosis is not transmitted as easily as some other respiratory diseases such as coronavirus or influenza. ”

The cases are the only two confirmed tuberculosis cases in the MHHS district since Sept.. January this year.

In Queensland, the risk of developing tuberculosis for the general public is very low, at around 3. Per 100. 000 people are diagnosed with 5 cases each year.

“Tuberculosis is very treatable and uncommon in most communities in Australia these days,” said Dr. Reasbeck.

Tuberculosis is transmitted through droplets of air when you cough, which are then inhaled by other people.

Symptoms of tuberculosis include persistent cough for two weeks, unexplained weight loss, night sweats, and fever.


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News – AU – Elderly carers among active tuberculosis cases in Mackay
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Elderly nurse among active tuberculosis cases in Mackay
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