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The Young Generation Network (YGN) is focused on the personal and professional development of its members and aims to attract the next generation of nuclear workers.

The network was supported this year by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) as an industry partner, which has set up a working group to offer opportunities for young professionals across the NDA group.

The group helped organize 14 events during YGN Festival Week, attended by over 600 participants on topics such as sustainable development, climate change and waste management, as well as a series of webinars on decommissioning in the UK September dealt.

Hannah Paterson, Sellafield Ltd Technology Manager for spent fuel management strategy and engineering, helped organize the festival week.

We had great speakers, it was interactive and the feedback from attendees was that they particularly enjoyed the virtual coffee networking session where they were randomly selected to meet other UK and international nuclear professionals and their network to expand.

Grace Frost, sub-project manager at Sellafield Ltd in Program and Project Partners, organized the webinar events.

The “Decommissioning Headlights” series was a great triumph for the industrial partners working group. Much can be learned from this event to aid future partnership efforts.

Sellafield Ltd now has 3 people on next year’s YGN Strategic Committee – the largest corporate agency – with Hannah as Chair, Grace as Industry Liaison Officer and Stacy Snook of Security and Resilience who will lead YGN Marketing and Communications.

I am excited to join the YGN committee. The pandemic has shown the importance of clear digital communication rather than physical events and interactions.

I hope to use my role to ensure we can reach a wider audience so that YGN can continue to nurture and develop the UK young professionals and show that the nuclear industry is an exciting destination for young people.

It is amazing that three Sellafield Ltd employees have strategic roles on the committee. It was also great that Phillipa Hawley, Quality Student Trainee, recently received the YGN Excellence Award 2020 for her dedication and enthusiasm for supporting the YGN.

With the transition of the YGN committee into the year 2021, preparations are underway for the development of the calendar of events for the next year.

Although we were unable to host visits, events, and conferences, we still had a great year. We can’t wait to arrange a program of events for 2021 and we will be in touch with

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