Santé Attal denounces a “recalcitrant minority” and “violent” in Guadeloupe

DEMONSTRATIONS The government spokesperson said that the mobilization of the security forces would continue to protect the Guadeloupeans

Gabriel Attal denounced the protests in Guadeloupe for more than a week on Wednesday. For the government spokesperson, these are only carried out by a “recalcitrant” and “violent” minority which takes “an entire island hostage”. “Public health cannot be instrumentalised for political ends”, he insisted at the end of the Council of Ministers, while the protests, originally against the obligation to vaccinate caregivers, degenerated into social crisis.

Gabriel Attal estimated that the government had “created the conditions for dialogue with the Prime Minister’s announcements on Monday evening”. To calm the situation on the West Indian island, Jean Castex notably announced the creation of a “forum for dialogue” in order to “convince and support individually, humanly”, the professionals concerned by the vaccination obligation.

Gabriel Attal recalled that the government also decided on Saturday to send “additional security means” – around fifty GIGN and Raid agents – to deal with the blockades and looting. He specified that President Emmanuel Macron had “intervened at the opening of the Council of Ministers” to “recall that our objective, our course, is to protect the Guadeloupeans, as we have been doing since the first day of this crisis”.

“We must continue to protect the Guadeloupeans, including against any form of delinquency that we can observe”, repeated Gabriel Attal. “We will continue this mobilization”, he insisted in front of the press, assuring that the Minister of Overseas Overseas Sébastien Lecornu would go to the island “as soon as the conditions are met”. On Tuesday, the prefect of Guadeloupe decided to extend the curfew from 6 p.m. to 5 a.m. until Saturday, November 28, as urban violence continued.

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