This Saturday, September 11, 2021, the sad twentieth anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks, many commemorations will take place in the United States. Journalist Loïc de la Mornais details the program of events from New York.

In recent days, the atmosphere has been special in New York, the attacks of September 11, 2001 are in everyone’s mind. “New York City is going to shut down tomorrow, as it did 20 years ago. Americans are thinking about it and are still in shock. There will be a big day of commemoration this Saturday, September 11. Joe Biden will be present in New York to listen to the names of all the victims, before going to the Pentagon which had also been attacked “, explains the journalist of France Televisions Loïc de la Mornais, in duplex from the United States.

The Americans cannot understand the government’s decision after the troops withdrew from Afghanistan. “For them, it is a chaotic decision. The return of the Taliban to power leaves them with a bitter taste, that of an immense mess, twenty after the scenes of drama,” concludes the journalist.

broadcast on 09/10

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