Jean-Luc B. made the associations of victims believe that he had been present during the evening at the Bataclan on November 13. Unfortunately, this is not the only one: 16 other people tried to pass themselves off as victims. They were flushed out by the authorities, but how do they manage to flush them out?

During the events that killed many people, some people thought it wise to pose as victims of the November 13 attack. Alexandra, a young Parisian, is one of those people who invented their evening from scratch at the time of the Bataclan. According to her, she lost two of her friends at the Carillon, a Parisian bar, and received a Kalashnikov bullet in the arm.

Despite everything, some inconsistencies in his speech betrayed him. The young woman gave an interview to a foreign media: she said that she “was not at the Carillon at the time of the attack”. This is paradoxical.

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The young woman has nevertheless changed her version. For two years, she managed to fool everyone and earn a good sum of money from the “Victims Guarantee Fund” – an organization that compensates victims of terrorism.

But how did the investigators come to understand that this was false testimony? They relied on a “real victim”: which allowed them to compare between the two versions. On the young woman’s bank account, a bank debit took place in another district: the doubts ended at that time.

Alexandra, the “fake victim,” was sentenced to 6 months in prison for false testimony and money fraud.

16 other people used this strategy but were quickly exposed by the authorities.

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