(Boursier.com) – Atos and APL Data Center, a consultant in datacenters and IT hosting solutions, have been selected by UGAP, the public purchasing center, as part of the new market for ‘related services to data centers’ for the next three years. This market offers public buyers audit, study and support services to optimize the technical performance of their data centers and reduce their energy consumption. Atos and APL Data Center help UGAP customers meet the development needs of their data centers, and join a voluntary approach to reducing the environmental impact of digital technology at a time when the proliferation of technological advances linked to business uses (cloud, big data, IoT, smart cities, etc.) significantly increase the impact of digital technology on the environment.

Major players in the public sector, and very committed to reducing the carbon footprint of companies and organizations, Atos and APL Data Center set up a simple and flexible operating framework, and deliver, thanks to their respective expertise, services on everything the territory. Their objective is to assess the behavior of infrastructures and all their components in order to consider optimization solutions for greener IT: energy performance audits, greenhouse gas emissions assessment, support for the implementation. in place of an energy improvement process …

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