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The Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Lito Atienza, threatened on Monday September 13th to block the approval of the budget of the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) after failing to ask questions during the briefings of the House of Commons on the proposed 5.024 trillion p. State budget 2022.

Atienza criticized the vice chairman of the House of Representatives Committee and Aklan Rep. Teodorico Haresco, who prevented him from asking important questions to DENR in full, especially about the wrong direction the agency is taking with regard to its budget want to fully support, but due to the way in which the committee shortened our interpellation, most of our relevant questions were not asked at all, ”Atienza said in a statement.

According to Atienza, he would have asked the DENR why Laguna de Bay is still filled with fish pens and fish cages despite President Duterte’s announcement in his first State of the Union (SONA) address that he would clear them of all obstacles.

Legislators also said he wanted to that DENR answers why it spent hundreds of millions on the white sands of dolomite beach in Manila Bay when it had nothing to do with cleaning up the area.

“This does everyone Attempting to clean the bay is wrecking and is a clear waste of money, “he said.

” One of their top 10 priority programs is the rehabilitation of Manila Bay, for which they are asking for 1.6 billion pesos. The government won’t have to spend anything if it can force the two water concessionaires – Maynilad and Manila Water – to honor their obligations under their service agreement to provide sewage treatment plants to purify the water that flows from millions of homes in Metro Manila, which flow directly into the bay? “said Atienza.

According to Atienza, the small water treatment plants that are now in the Bay Area are not sufficient to purify the water in Manila Bay.

” It just gets clean if Metro Manila’s sewers are properly routed through a sewer network built by these two companies. We have punished them for non-compliance since 2009, but until now patay malisya sila!

“Since 1997 they have been charging consumers a so-called environmental fee or sewage fee for a service they did not perform!” </ However, since the chairman of the panel did not allow him to investigate these issues, Atienza said he would raise the matter during the plenary deliberations.

“This forces me to withdraw my proposal to increase your budget as they did not answer my questions about how to properly use this budget. Kaya magkita na lang tayo sa plenary (let’s see us in plenary), “he said.

” If you cannot give us satisfactory answers, then instead of supporting your request for additional budget, we may request a suspension your budget! ”emphasized Atienza.

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