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If the start of the new school year has already sounded for millions of schoolchildren, the personalities of the entertainment world are also slowly resuming the path of the boards. Among them, Josiane Balasko is sure to make a new splash with her new play, “Un chalet à Gstaad”, which she wrote and in which she is performing. The Bronzés star imagined an evening between wealthy tax exiles in the very luxurious Swiss ski resort. At her side, Armelle and even Stéphan Wojtowicz will find her on stage at the Théâtre des Nouvelles from September 9 in Paris.

After a visit to the new decor of Julia Vignali and Thomas Sotto in Télématin, Marilou Berry’s mother went to a sofa with well-worn seams. Sunday September 5, 2021, the actress was the guest of Michel Drucker in Vivement dimanche. And she didn’t come on her own, by the way. Josiane Balasko was indeed accompanied by her husband George Aguilar, who also plays a role in his wife’s play.

This is the fourth time the couple have collaborated artistically. This is hardly surprising when you know that it was on set that their meeting took place over 20 years ago. “We met on the set of Gérard Lauzier’s last film, which was Le Fils du Français with Fanny Ardant. We were lost in the jungle and we came across a tribe that took us in. At the head of the tribe, he There was an Indian chief. There was a ceremony that was organized, we were totally unaware of it. During this ceremony, I found myself married to the Indian chief and Fanny was married to the shaman. is found that the Indian chief was George “, recounted Josiane Balasko.

But the 71-year-old actress also recalled that she was not really available at the time of the incident. “The first thing Gérard Lauzier told me three months before the shooting, at the time, I was married in addition (with Philippe Berry, Editor’s note) he told me: ‘Josiane, I found you a handsome husband ‘”, she recalled. “The first sentence I said to her, in Spanish, was: ‘Tu eres mi esposa’ (You will be my wife),” said George Aguilar. “Because I was supposed to be his wife in the film,” said Josiane Balasko before concluding: “There you are, there are things that are written.”

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