After the incidents last Monday on the Sainte-Croix fairgrounds in Lessay (Manche), Mayor Stéphanie Maubé asks the fairgrounds to present their health pass.

The tension fell on the fairground of Lessay (Manche) after the show of force of the fairground artisans, Monday at the end of the morning, to access the space of the funfair in order to install their caravans next to their merry-go-rounds. as they always have. The town hall had asked them to park them in a field outside the perimeter of the Sainte-Croix for security reasons but also to control the health pass; they refused this solution.

The presentation of the health pass is required to be at the fair on September 10, 11 and 12. For the demonstration to open on Friday, the fairground documents should, in theory, be checked. “As for visitors or exhibitors, they will have to respect the prevailing obligations, that is to say, justify a health pass, said Gérard Gavory, prefect of La Manche last Monday. We will check and it is up to the organizers of the fair to make sure that everyone has the health pass. “

“After having almost been smashed in the face Monday despite the presence of gendarmes, and in view of the death threats that have been made, the organizers can not put themselves more in danger by going to control the exhibitors of the funfair. “

The municipality says it cannot “guarantee sanitary safety to visitors in the amusement park aisle”. She deplores this situation: “I appeal to the professionalism of the fairgrounds to go and have themselves checked, as well as all the families who accompany them, and to wear a mask, out of responsibility towards the visitors” declared the elected official. from Lessay.

For the other sectors of the fair, “general and health security will be total: control at the entrances of each exhibitor and each visitor by teams of six security guards, accompanied by gendarmes. “No pass for those under 18, but provide an identity card to prove their age, including for the control of pass holders. “In case of refusal of entry, it will be possible to be tested on site thanks to ten test areas by presenting a vital card. “These booths are likely to be quickly full if crowded.

Wearing a mask is not compulsory outdoors at the fair, “but recommended in all crowded areas”.

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