Former USC running back Reggie Bush can’t go into all the naming, image, and likeness fun, but that’s fine.

Bush was forced to win the Heisman Trophy in 2005 after completing a four-year extra benefit Return investigation that revealed Bush and his family accepted cash, travel expenses, and a home. They also took $ 10,000 to set it up.

In a statement released Thursday, Bush said he believed his Heisman should be returned and all of his statistics restored.

“I firmly believe that I won the Heisman Trophy ‘only’ because of my hard work and dedication on the soccer field, and I also firmly believe that my records should be restored, “said Bush.

The 36-year-old had to distance himself from his alma mater, but was discontinued with the end of the ban in June 2020. He called the banishment “one of the worst feelings in the world” and even compared the sanctions to death. USC also faced punishments for being banned from the postseason for two years and conceding 14 wins.

During his 10-year bailout, Bush was banned from campus and his name, stats and accomplishments went off removed from the team’s media leader.

But now Bush wants a new narrative – he’s taking action to get his legacy back. A native of Spring Valley, California, contacted the NCAA several times to no avail.

“We left several messages on Michael Comerford, President of the Heisman Trust, but instead received a call from Rob Whalen, Executive Director, who said, that Mr. Comerford wasn’t going to call us back and that they definitely could. “Not helping us,” Bush said.

In three seasons at USC, Bush stormed 3,169 yards and caught 95 passes for 1,301 yards. His 43 total touchdowns helped USC become a powerhouse, and they won an FBS football championship in 2004. After a successful college run, Bush embarked on an eleven-year NFL career, winning with Drew Brees and the New Orleans in 2009 Saints a Super Bowl.

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