Roland Romeyer, chairman of the management board of AS Saint-Etienne, did not come to Geoffroy-Guichard alone, but rather under a good escort, for the reception of PSG this Sunday. According to Lâ ???? Equipe and the local newspaper Le Progrès, the former Spanish international Michel Salgado followed in the footsteps of the Saint-Etienne leader in the court of? ??? honor of the stadium.

And he was not alone. Having come as a sports advisor to the Total Sports Investments fund, Salgado sâ ???? went to the match against Paris Saint-Germain (Parisians 3-1 victory in the snow) accompanied by the entire board of this domiciled company e in London, starting with Roman Dubov, its president (Russian) since 2010.Â

The reason ? Total Sports Investments, whose dossier will have to be rigorously checked, would be interested in buying back the Greens. And this would be the track already mentioned by a Russian billionaire, pushed by Bernard Caïazzo, the chairman of the supervisory board of ASSE. This is Sergei Lomakin, at the head of a fortune estimated at three billion dollars according to Forbes. Total Sports Investments relies on funds from Lomakin and owns several clubs in Europe, including one in Cyprus (Pafos).

Lomakin also owns a Russian 3rd division club FC Rodina Moscow. In Latvia, where he has another club, he seems to have become persona non grata in 2020, according to information circulating on the web. Others, also quickly accessible, argue that the businessman has lost Cypriot nationality. In short, the potential buyer of ASSE also drags a few pots … Â

This calls out all the more since the history of Roman Dubov, the president of Total Sports Investments, is weighed down by a heavy liability in the world of football. It is he who had acquired the club of Portsmouth, then in Championship (English D2), on June 1, 2011. Eight months later, “Pompey”, as it is nicknamed, had been placed in receivership and penalized by ten withdrawal points. The Portsmouth club were abandoned in D4 before being bought by their fans in 2013. Â

In recent weeks, a case seemed to be in pole position for the acquisition of Saint-Etienne, that of a takeover project carried by a Swiss sports entertainment company, supported by an American investment fund, and carried by Jean-Michel Roussier, with the blessing of Roland Romeyer. Mandated by ASSE for the sale of the club, KPMG ended up officially retoking all of the files received, none presenting “sufficient legal and financial guarantees”.

On the day of the publication of the press release reporting on the situation, ASSE was however congratulated that new candidates presented themselves with files corresponding to the criteria. requested. The historical resonance of Saint-Etienne attracts, but beware of unpleasant surprises. TO