As often when a champion stays for a long time on the show “The Twelve Blows of Noon”, viewers wonder …

This Monday, Bruno, the champion of the TF1 show “The Twelve Blows of Noon”, landed a new showcase upon discovering the mysterious star. These are therefore gifts worth more than 26,000 euros that have been added to his already huge prize pool.

The young man has already collected more than 594,000 euros in winnings and could, if he still finds a mysterious star, join Eric, the record holder of the show, who had won 7 stars.

But inevitably, if all the Midday Masters who stay on the show for a long time have their fans, each time, on the other side, there are Internet users who wonder. Some believe that certain questions are chosen by the production to win over the more “charismatic” candidates.

Recently, Bruno, for example, had to answer the question “what game do we play after a semi-final?” “. Let’s be honest, that wasn’t the most complicated question in the game.