The sexual assault case Ary Abittan became involved in was a fatal blow to his career. The actor who currently has to live out of sight or else be singled out every time. Ironically, this affair would fall right on the spot when What We All Done to the Good Lord is about to hit theaters. As all of the cast toured to promote the film, the actor’s absence had stood out. Hence the question that came up repeatedly in this photo of the casting recently posted by Elodie Fontan.

The production of Qu’t-queon a fait au bon Dieu had obviously decided to bet on caution. Which explains why she made the decision to delay the film’s release. No doubt in order to await the development of the Ary Abittan case in court. It is true that this would allow him to know the measures to be taken in order to prevent this scandal from tarnishing the reputation of this production which had always been crowned with success.

In any case, the world seems to be collapsing around Ary Abittan who sees his career plummeting visibly. Yet it took several years to climb the ranks of fame. One thing is certain, returning to the media scene will be particularly difficult for him after this hard blow.

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