Hundreds of migrant workers gathered at Anand Vihar ISBT in Delhi to take a bus home hours after Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced a week-long lockdown and, with clasped hands, appealed to them not to leave the state capital while he was walking pronounced a word of security – “Main hoon na” (I am here for you).

Police officers said over 5,000 people had gathered in Anand Vihar, including the ISBT and the train station, and the number had increased.

Earlier in the day, Mr Kejriwal appealed to migrant workers not to leave Delhi, saying the short embargo should not be extended.

“I assure you the government will take full care of you. Main hun na, mujh par bharosa rakho (I’m here for you, have confidence in me) “, said Mr. Kejriwal and announced the lockdown from 10pm this evening to 5am next Monday.

A high-ranking police officer amter said after the sudden lockdown announcement, thousands of migrant workers crowded the ISBT’s Anand Vihar area.

Police were also in talks with civil administration officials to arrange either transportation for them or homes for their temporary residence The official said.

However, migrants feared the lockdown could be extended as the COVID-19 situation worsened day by day.

In an online briefing, the Prime Minister said: ” I want to address them (migrants) with folded hands. This is a short six-day embargo. Please do not leave Delhi. You would lose a lot of time and money “and energy traveling. Stay in Delhi.”

Mr. Kejriwal said it was not an easy decision to impose a lockdown as it hurts the poor the most.

“I understand how people lose their jobs and wages during the lockdown. This is especially difficult for the poor and day laborers,” he said.

During the nationwide lockdown last year, a large number of migrant workers from Bihar, UP and other states living in Delhi by all available means and often moved to their home states on foot.

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