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Mikel Arteta welcomed our character and our willingness to “go to war” for a 10-man goalless draw with Liverpool on Thursday evening. </ Then the boss turned himself in to the media to talk about the character we showed, the red card from Granit Xhaka and more.

on the team performance …
I’m very proud of what the guys did today in an extremely difficult stadium against a great opponent and played 70 minutes with 10 men. It was about the fight, spirit, commitment and also the quality they showed to play a game that is not in our strength and not in our training, but it was necessary to win. I want to see a team that play with emotions and convey everything we talked about every day and I saw that today so I am very happy.
whether he has already seen the red card from Granit Xhaka …
No, I didn’t see it. I did the interviews outside and now here so can’t judge because I didn’t see the action.
whether we are favorites for the second leg …
We played half-time, probably even less, and we need another game. They are exceptional opponents and we got a result given the circumstances. We have to remember that it’s positive, but we have a second leg and we will need everyone back. We have to create a great atmosphere in the Emirates with the fans who came today, which made incredible noise and gave us incredible energy, and we have to play a real game there to try to get to the final.
about Xhaka’s suspension and missing the North London derby …
Yeah, but we came here and we’re already nine or 10 players missing. Look, we don’t know what to expect the next day so we can’t look at this and we have to fall for it all the time and use it as an excuse. We have to play games, it’s our job, we know the context we are in and it can change and it can change to an even more difficult position, but the team has to rebuild and we have players, who have decided to play and on Sunday we will try to do the same again.

on Saka’s injury and whether we could ask for the game to be postponed on Sunday …
I do not know. He felt something in the last minute, he was really tired and I don’t know. He’s a little boy and he’s recovering pretty quickly, he’s been playing a lot of minutes in the last few months, so let’s see who’s available.

About what has changed in our mentality outside of home …
Well, when you get to a stadium like this I said to them you have to choose players that you like to go to war because you are going to have a fight, you will have difficult moments, you will have moments where you have to suffer and it’s about how you approach those moments. When you are ready to help your team, when you are ready to accept that in some moments you are not playing the game you want and then good things will happen, so when you play in that spirit and im fighting and brotherhood Team, in the end you get rewarded and I think that happened today.

how a result like tonight feels compared to a big win …
Well, it’s completely different, the circumstances, the context, the place we play is very different and you have to evaluate the result in each game. What we did for 70 minutes today is extremely difficult and it shows how much we want it and we want to get into this final. Today was the first step to have the opportunity to finish the second game.

Whether the game against Tottenham could be postponed …
I do not know. It’s a possibility in every game from our side, from the opponent’s side, because of the amount of problems everyone has and because it happens every week, but we try to prepare for the games because we think we’re playing will. If something happens along the way, so be it.

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Mikel Arteta’s pride in his players was evident in his interview after the match with Arsenal Media on Thursday evening at Anfield Road clear.

Our manager asked his players to show their fighting ability, and that’s exactly what they did when they played for almost 70 minutes with 10 men but held out a 0-0 draw with Liverpool.

“I’m really proud of the guys. What they did today is phenomenal,” said the boss. “On this floor against this quality of opponent, playing with 10 men for 70 minutes and the way they approached the challenge. I’m proud of that.”

“You know you will fight here “You’re going to have a very difficult moment, but we weren’t going to play that long with 10 men. They understood what was required, they showed real emotion and attitude.” , fight and desire. Don’t give up, but still try to find a way to win the game.

“I said before the game that I wanted to bring people to this square that I would like to go to war with, and have today I’ve seen that and I expect that in every single game, in every training session that the players have. ” this desire and this attitude to play the game – which they like to do.

“Don’t find excuses with referees, with Covid, with situations, it is what it is. We come here and try to do our best and when that happens the result is a consequence of it. “

Arteta also praised the away fans for their vocal support of the team through the adversity at Anfield.

” They were amazing, “he said. “To create the atmosphere that you created at Anfield today. I expect the Emirates to get even better.”

“We will need them to beat a top team like Liverpool. We will need them right behind us but first of all, thank you very much for what you did today, for your trip here, because it made a huge difference, “The Team.”

Copyright 2022 Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use citations from this article is granted subject to appropriate citing of as a source.

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