Villarreal is in the Europa League final and joins Manchester United !! The submarine finally resists against the Gunners (0-0) and qualifies after a well-controlled meeting, after his first leg victory (2-1)!

Another corner for Arsenal, their eighth of the meeting. Willian can’t find anyone except Bacca’s lead at the third post.

In a forest of legs, Bellerin strikes on goal but he is blocked by the opposing defense who will even be able to recover a fault and a precious possession.

Villarreal gets some serious fouls that bring the Spanish club closer to their first European final. Even if Pino is warned, for claiming a yellow card.

New corner for the Gunners, it is cleared by Bacca of the head. And here are precious extra seconds scoured by Villarreal …

Unsurprisingly, Arsenal are now cut in half and have no choice but to take huge risks. But Villarreal is playing time to recover the ball.

Less than 10 minutes to go and Villarreal is still virtually qualified for the final. But an Arsenal goal would wipe out Emery’s men!

In the wake of his enormous opportunity, Aubamayang gave way to Lacazette. More offensive change with the entry of Willian, for the exit of Tierney.

The Gabonese striker finds again the amount of Villarreal on a head in the middle of the defense! Albiol emerges in disaster in the wake!

After a big weak time, Arteta’s men are much better and in turn monopolize possession of the ball. They have 15 minutes left to make the difference as Lacazette prepares to come into play!

Magnificent center of Pepe for the crosshead of Holding! The central defender’s attempt narrowly flees the frame, Arsenal finds color!

Change post for post on the Villarreal side: Carlos Bacca enters in place of Paco Alcacer.

Finally a new opportunity for the Gunners! Saka’s free kick finds Holding’s head, it’s overhead!

Arsenal no longer sees the ball in the heart of this second period. The Spaniards hold possession and can afford long passing sequences, without being jostled by a London team still timid.

Villarreal has been accelerating for a few minutes and offers several hot moves around Leno’s goal, like a new corner from the Gunners defense.

The young gunner replaces Odegaard, very disappointing tonight. Arsenal has less than half an hour to wake up and shake up this Villarreal team.

Odegaard and Mari stay on the ground for a few moments. The second is treated and must temporarily leave the lawn. The Gunners don’t look their best …

As a reminder, just one small goal would virtually qualify the Gunners, thanks to their away goal last week.

Pino’s cross did not seem on target but Leno secured the shot and released a nice horizontal! The corner is once again badly played by Villarreal.

While the pace has picked up a bit since the resumption, the two teams have only scored one shot each, so far.

High recovery from Villarreal who can play a 3v2, but Moreno procrastinates and ends with a soft strike on Leno who folds well to catch the ball!

Big head-to-head shock between Gaspar and Pà © pà ©. The two players remain on the ground for long seconds and are manipulated by their respective staff.

Rulli had a hole in his exit, Smith-Rowe recovers at the far post but fails to catch Villarreal’s skylight! Arsenal is getting closer!

Superb ladle of Tierney for Pà © pà © who tries an outside of the powerful foot to the left of the surface! It wasn’t far from Rulli’s goal!

At least 45 minutes remain for Arsenal to turn the situation around and get their ticket to the Europa League grand final! Opposite, Villarreal is quietly managing his advantage for the moment.

Big winners in the first leg (6-2), the Red Devils lead 1-0 at the break against AS Roma. This opens even more the doors of the grand final of the Europa League, on May 26th. It remains to know the name of their opponent, Arsenal or Villarreal?

0-0 at the break, Villarreal is holding up against insufficient Gunners! Arteta’s men will have to do better to see the final of C3, for the moment promised to the yellow submarine.

We will play three minutes of added time in this opening period, due to Chukwueze’s injury.

Saka’s outflow was good, his cross a lot less. The young Englishman’s ball ends behind the goal, which gives the yellow submarine a little more reluctance.

The two corners in quick succession from the visitors gave nothing, except a little warmth in an English area not so quiet. The break is slowly approaching and Villarreal is showing more and more serene.

Aubameyang’s coiled shot ends up in Rulli’s arms … who releases the ball and lets it pass between his legs! The former Montpellier catches up with the ball a few inches from the line.

Still quite a few hot occasions in this poster. This 0-0 score obviously suits Villarreal, winner 2-1 in the first leg and virtually qualified for the Europa League final.

The yellow submarine enters the Gunners’ surface for one of the few times in the encounter. But the London defense brushed aside the ball, harmlessly. Nice intervention from Leno, secondly.

Hard blow for Villarreal with the sudden exit of his winger, who had been stirred early in the game. Chukwueze is replaced by Pino.

In midfield, Chukwueze has collapsed, alone, and calls for a change. The player will be evacuated on a stretcher …

After a billiard shot in the box, the Gabonese striker attempts a volley which hits Rulli’s base of the post! What a blow of heat on the goal of Villarreal!

And here is the Gunners’ first shot! Tierney arms a long shot, a kick, which passes widely next to the Spanish goal.

Parejo’s attempt on the free kick was tense, but the ball fell slightly over Leno’s crossbar.

High recovery immediately rewarded for Villarreal. Partey commits a foul which will offer a nice free kick to the visitors …

Saka’s cross to Pepe at the far post is missed. After 20 minutes of play, the Gunners have yet to shoot on goal despite clear territorial possession.

Another good ball on the English wing, this time to Pepe. But Pedraza doesn’t get caught and can recover the ball in the danger zone.

Apart from Chukwueze’s fine attempt, no major opportunity to report in this first quarter of an hour of play. The Gunners’ new corner is boxed by Rulli.

The back pass from the Ghanaian midfielder to his goalkeeper was very powerful and forced Leno to a limited save. The Gunners scare each other on their own …

Despite a possession in his favor, Arsenal failed to create the danger. Villarreal waits for his opponent and remains in block, with no doubt opportunities to come to the recovery of the ball.

Chukwueze projects himself quickly and takes up space in the English camp. But welcome back from Pablo Mari, who saves his team and puts an end to the Spanish offensive.

Leno relaxes well and performs a nice left hand parry to fend off the distant attempt! The next corner gives nothing for the yellow submarine.

It looks like Arsenal are playing with a 4-man defense tonight and with an attacking line made up of Saka, Pépé and Aubameyang.

Odegaard’s corner kick is well hit but only finds an opponent’s head in the penalty area.

The Swiss midfielder was hit with heat and replaced in the starting XI by Kieran Tierney.

The Gunners have a goal to catch up to reach the Europa League final, good game everyone!

The players are in the tunnel, the start of this semi-final return of the Europa League in a few moments!

Arsenal and Villarreal have faced each other in the European semi-finals before. It was in the Champions League in 2006. Ã ?? At the time, it was the Gunners who had gained the upper hand over the Spaniards with a 1-0 first leg victory (0-0 return), after a goal from Kolo Touré.

The yellow submarine, who is playing his fourth C3 semi-final, has the opportunity to qualify for his first Europa League final. The Spaniards stumbled over the penultimate march in 2004, 2011 and 2016. In their last semi-final, it was already against an English club, Liverpool (1-0, 0-3).

By eliminating his former team tonight, Unai Emery would reach his fifth Europa League final. For a record of three victories with FC SÃ © ville (2014, 2015, 2016) and a defeat with the Gunners (2019).

Arsenal, who made it to the final of the competition in 2019 (lost 1-4 to Chelsea) have qualified the last two times they lost the first leg. It was during this famous edition, against BATE Borisov and Stade Rennais.

In the other semi-final of the Europa League, Manchester United did most of the first leg by atomizing AS Roma (6-2). The Red Devils therefore await their opponent in the final, barring an improbable Romatada at the Olympic stadium.

Dominated and down on the first leg, the Gunners did well with a short loss (1-2) and this away goal from PÃ © pep that could weigh in the balance. A two-goal Arsenal win or the score of 1-0 would be enough to send Arteta’s men to the final in Gdansk on 26 May.

No Lacazette in the eleven of the Gunners. Already absent in the first leg, the Frenchman is coming back from injury and is only a substitute.

Unai Emery is fielding the same eleven as in the first leg, with the exception of Capua, suspended and replaced by Capua, and Foyth (injured), who will be replaced by Gaspar.

Ruli – Mario Gaspar, Albiol, Pau Torres, Pedraza – Parejo, Coquelin, Trigueros – Moreno, Chukwueze, Alcacer

Deprived of Ceballos (suspended) and David Luiz (injured), Arteta leaves Lacazette on the bench and Aubameyang alone in the lead.

Leno – Holding, Pablo Mari, Xhaka – Bellerin, Smith Rowe, Partey, Saka – Pépé, Aubameyang, Odegaard

Good evening and welcome to RMC Sport for the return semi-final in the Europa League between Arsenal and Villarreal. Kicks off at 9 p.m. at the Emirates.