It was at the beginning of the afternoon, this Monday, August 30, that a forest fire broke out in the South of the Ardèche, in the area of ​​the municipality of Joannas. According to initial observations, the fire started off a forest track.

The places are steep, difficult to access, which explains the mobilization of significant air resources in the form of 5 water bombers (four Canadairs and one Dash). For the time being, no evacuation has been deemed necessary, since the area concerned remains isolated, with no accommodation or camping nearby.

To deal with this fire, described by the authorities in Ardèche as “the most important of the summer”, 80 firefighters were also mobilized. The climatic conditions and in particular the “very present” wind do not favor the fixing of the fire. The situation remains, at this time, evolving even if the men of the fire foresee a favorable outcome in the hours to come.