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This was the answer from the Mayor of Manila, Francisco “ Isko Moreno “Domagoso, on land development concerns in a virtual meeting with farmers groups on Monday (September 13th).

Domagoso told farmers from organizations belonging to the Federation of Free Farmers Cooperatives (FFFC) that he” all for development “, but not at the expense of the production of food for the country.

” It misses the purpose of these countries. Ideally, we should ensure that na ‘yung land na’ yun, ‘pag ginagamit sa crops (the land used for farming) remains as (land for) farming, ”said the Manila General Manager.

The mayor said the land could only be “used for development” if it wasn’t used at all.

“That is the direction of ‘yung ginawa natin ditto (and we will), we protect it Heritage of what’s left, but these unused lots should be developed, “said Domagoso.

The mayor also commented on the idea of ​​farming groups and local governments partnering up to improve the health of the country’s food producers.

Domagoso said food security and self-sufficiency should be a priority for the country given the impact of the pandemic on the economy.

“Those who do not produce their own food will be dependent on world market prices. You are not giving your country into the hands of other organizations outside your country, “said Domagoso.

” You have to produce your corn, chicken, egg, meat and vegetables. You really need to produce your own. I am convinced that food must be available and accessible and that every country should produce at least enough to feed its people, “he added.

Domagoso also said that importing products” makes no sense “, when the demand is not huge and local products are sufficient to meet the needs of the people.

Former Philippine Agriculture Minister Leonardo “Leony” Montemayor, Greenpeace Philippines, Magsasaka Partylist, Katarungan Para sa Usaping Agraryo, took part in the virtual meeting. Pork Producers Federation of the Philippines (PROPORK), Ice Watch Action Network (R1) and Aniban ng Manggagawa. part sa Agrikultura (AMA) and many others.

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