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AppleTV: bad news for the platform competing with Netflix, Disney and HBO Max

Apple recently entered the paid subscription streaming platform market. Since 2019, the American company has been trying to find a place among the already fierce competition in the streaming market. Unfortunately for her, the latest results show – not negative results – but indeed disappointing results, especially in comparison to the big names of the genre that are Netflix, Disney or HBOmax. Explanations of this failure in half-tone.

Currently, and since November 1, 2019, AppleTV is trying to find a place in the war of streaming platforms in the midst of Netflix, Disney, Amazon Prime, HBOmax, OCS, Canal and even Hulu, which offers exclusive Marvel series. Although having appropriated the services of various stars such as Jennifer Aniston, Steven Spielberg, Chris Evans or Jason Momoa or Reese Witherspoon for the programming of its various original scenarios, AppleTV hoped to reach the public on this point.

Unfortunately, the latest information collected by the CNBC media is worrying, even if it is not very alarming for the company. According to them, the platform would only count 20 million subscribers as of July 1, 2021 in North America. Estimates around the world agree for a figure of around 40 million subscribers. But there is another problem though, and that is that only half of these subscribers are paid for. The other half having access “for free” via the 3 months offered with a new device of the brand or via the subscription to Apple One, in which the AppleTV subscription is included.

Obviously, Apple has nothing basic to do with the world of video content production. Since the fall of 2019, Apple has not been able to find its place. Among the biggest competitors of SVOD services, Disney has 116 million customers worldwide and Netflix has passed the 200 million mark thanks to, or because of the lockdown. Unofficially, Netflix would weigh in France the equivalent of 16 million users. 8 million officially, at least double by counting the number of monthly connections via the same account.

AppleTV also has a connection sharing system, since up to six devices can be linked to the same account. The figures could therefore be more advantageous for Apple, but we do not yet know the monthly connection data. If the figures are not there, the American company can be reassured by highlighting its (many) original productions exclusive to the platform, many times awarded, with no less than 105 awards and 358 nominations for various programs. during official festivals.

If the figures show mixed success for Apple, those who were able to access the content of the platform were not disappointed. A good part of what is there is of very good quality, one thinks in particular of the series Foundation, which adapts the novels of Isaac Asimov available since September 24, of the next Scorsese Killers of the Flower Moon or of the documentaries. on Billie Eilish, of the Snoopy Show, the Ted Lasso series having received an award for best comic series and many others to discover on the spot.

During mid-April 2021, the review platform IMDb revealed that AppleTV was the third VOD service with the best overall average on its programs, with 7.13 / 10. Even if this figure is flattering, it is necessary to put things in the context since where Netflix and Amazon Prime have respectively 5000 and 3000 different programs available, the service of Apple is slowly approaching the hundred …

It is certain that when we are already banging Netflix Disney or Amazon if we take advantage of Prime Twitch, we do not necessarily have the means to pay Apple, which does not add anything extra ordinary, and which is far behind in the digital battle. .

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