High-Tech Apple Keynote 2021 LIVE: iPhone 13, Apple Watch 7, AirPods 3… Follow the announcements with us

LIVE Back to school for Apple and Tim Cook, with a big annual conference to follow live on “20 Minutes”

A woman plays the violin in the desert, another sings in the woods … And we see images of all California: Joshua tree, Big Sur, Yosemite and so on, it’s a beautiful country. Tim Cook is there in jeans&basket. It starts with Apple TV.

Apple is not changing a winning recipe. After having already sold more than 100 million iPhone 12s in nine months (figures for June), the apple firm draws its 2021-2022 vintage on Tuesday. Like last year, this will be via a pre-recorded virtual keynote, thank you pandemic.

Tim Cook should logically unveil the new iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7 and AirPods 3. No major change to be expected on the iPhone side, with a design similar to that of last year. It is especially the screen that should be improved by switching to 120 Hz, with (finally) an “ambient” mode to see your notifications at any time, like on Android. The Apple Watch, on the other hand, should say goodbye to its rounded lines for a modernized design, with flat edges inspired by the iPhone. Finally, the AirPods 3 will, according to the leaks, look like AirPods Pro.

On the software side, finally, iOS and iPadOS 15 as well as MacOS Monterey are coming. And in the meantime, Apple has already patched the big security flaw exploited by Pegasus on Monday. To discover the new iPad and Macbook, however, you should have to wait a few more weeks.

02:31 | SECURITY

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