A symbol taken up by antivax and now … on Amazon. Several American Internet users spotted on the online sales site a page offering T-shirts bearing a yellow star and the words “Not vaccinated”, mimicking the wearing of the yellow star compulsory for Jews during the Second World War, relay BFM this Sunday.

Why is @Amazon selling Holocaust themed “Not Vaccinated” Star of David shirts on #Prime? Description: “Great for Anti-Vaxxers, Medical Freedom Activists & Liberty Lovers” pic.twitter.com/XaSbvW8Enw

The e-commerce giant is home to many resellers and other brands, over which it does not always have control. But this T-shirt, offered in several sizes and colors, is, according to BFM, offered directly by Amazon: it is even possible to get it quickly with the Prime option.

In the caption, the T-shirt is described as ideal “for anti-vaccine, medical freedom activists and freedom lovers”. The yellow star is a symbol claimed by many anti-vaccine campaigners, who suspect vaccination to be dangerous, and / or question its usefulness in managing the Covid-19 pandemic.

Last Tuesday in the United States, Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Trumpist elected to the US Congress, compared the vaccine passport against Covid-19 to the yellow star. “Vaccinated employees get a vaccination logo like the Nazis forced Jewish people to wear a yellow star,” tweeted Marjorie Taylor Greene, citing an article that spoke of a supermarket where logos will designate employees vaccinated against Covid- 19, for whom the mask is no longer compulsory. Words that were strongly condemned by the leaders of the Republican camp in the House and the Senate.

Recently, in France, Jean-Marie Bigard had also compared the establishment of the sanitary pass to the wearing of the yellow star imposed by the Nazis. “You absolutely have to put on a distinctive emblem exactly as it was done for Jews in World War II,” he chanted into the microphone of a Russia Today reporter.

The discovery sparked outrage among many Internet users, calling on Amazon to withdraw the product. “You can delete this item in the next 24 hours or lose me as a customer for eternity. Shame on you, ”American video game designer Seamus Buckley commented on Twitter this Sunday morning. “There should be no place for hate speech on your site,” commented another. As of Sunday afternoon, the article was no longer available on the US Amazon site.

Ref: https://www.leparisien.fr