Monday August 23, 2021, Anthony Delon shared a new image on his Instagram account. The actor poses in front of a sumptuous Caribbean beach, on the occasion of a “last trip” organized for his mother Nathalie Delon, who died eight months earlier.

On January 21, 2021, Anthony Delon lost the first woman of his life: his mother, Nathalie Delon, died at the age of 79, from “rapid cancer” – as revealed a few days later late Alain Delon. A particularly painful death for the son of the actress, who continues to pay tribute to him regularly in the press and on social networks. In the columns of Paris Match, in the January 28 issue, Anthony Delon had made moving confidences about the last months of his mother. “She had just been told that she was going to die and, she told me afterwards, her first thought was, ‘Shit! Anthony is there, he heard everything. ‘She was protecting me once again, like a kid on whose eyes his mother puts a hand, to prevent him from seeing the blood, ”he told our colleagues, very moved. . Five months later, the 56-year-old comedian spoke of his mother’s death again, during a report about his father on TV5 Monde. “She always lived as a free woman, she always did what she wanted […] She also decided to die when she wanted, as she wanted”, he confided in front of the camera.

If time goes by, Anthony Delon does not forget this “extraordinary woman” who gave him life, and much more. However, he decided to say goodbye to him, as he explained on his Instagram account, Monday, August 23, 2021. With his casual shirt and sunglasses, Sveva Alviti’s companion poses in front of a sumptuous Caribbean beach. A truly paradisiacal place, which will become the last home of Nathalie Delon. Indeed, as we can see in the video posted on the social network, Anthony Delon is holding his mother’s funeral urn in his hands. “Your last trip, Jamaica forever,” he captioned the post, including the hashtag #ashes. So we understand: the actor intends to scatter his mother’s ashes in this absolutely idyllic place. A gesture that greatly affected its 77,000 subscribers. “Beautiful tribute for your mother”, “A beautiful place for a beautiful soul”, “A country that your mother loved very much, beautiful tribute for Nathalie”, “Thoughts to you, very beautiful tribute to Nathalie”, “Let her rest in peace for eternity ”,“ It is very touching, courage Anthony ”,“ Eternal love between a son and his mother ”,“ Courage for this last ordeal ”,“ A great emotion passes through these photos, and so much love for your mom. May she rest in peace in this paradise that she has chosen, ”one can read in the comments section. A wave of support that is sure to comfort Anthony Delon.

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