The deployment of patch 17.50 has allowed dataminers around the world to identify files of unpublished cosmetics, which will see the light of day in the coming weeks on Fortnite.

Fortnite patch 17.50 was revealed through various leaks. This update is certainly one of the last before the deployment of the next season, Epic Games has been happy and also pleased players with many skins still related to the theme of aliens. In addition, this patch marks the arrival in the Item Shop of a new superhero well known to fans of the Marvel universe since it is Ant-Man.

Keep in mind that this is only leaks at the moment! There is no guarantee that they will all be released in the coming days. It may even be that Epic decides to delay or even cancel the release of certain cosmetics.

Update 17.50 started at 10 a.m. this Tuesday on Fortnite. The patch note will be edited at the end of the maintenance. Find the game status report in this article.

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