To launch his Olympics, Anouck Jaubert hoped to imitate the blue climber Bassa Mawem and achieve the first Olympic speed record in these qualifications. The double World Cup winner did not go far, with the second best time of the day (7”12), to overcome this 15-meter wall, behind the Polish Aleksandra Miroslaw who fell below the six mark. seconds (6”97), very close to equalizing his world record (6’96).

Good operation for Julia Chanourdie, who improved her personal speed record twice, with a time of 8”17, taking 8th place in this first test before bouldering and difficulty, two specialties where she is more ‘easy.

As a reminder, the classification in each event is multiplied to obtain a score, the lowest score wins the event. If a climber finishes 1st in speed, 4th in bouldering and 2nd in difficulty, the score is: 1x4x2 = 8 points. The top 8 qualified for the final on Friday.