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Another group of lawyers has opposed the nomination of the President Spokesman Herminio “Harry” Roque at the United Nations International Law Commission (ILC).

“Mr. Roque was an articulate and visible Filipino public interest attorney who has unfortunately turned into a legal chameleon, the legal language used to spin reality and reinterpreted many established legal terms and principles in order to to live up to official political narratives.

“He has been misrepresenting and continues to justify the various questionable and even bizarre policies and pronouncements made by Prime Minister Duterte regarding the rule of law, due process, justice and international accountability.”

In a statement by President Edre U. Olalia by the National Council of the NUPL, the group stated that Roque “has publicly rationalized extrajudicial killings in the country’s ‘war on drugs’, has softened the misogynistic statements made by its director, enabled political repression has disapproved of legitimate criticism and dissenting opinions, including the armed force of the law, intimidated media representatives, and verbally abused and insulted healthcare professionals who criticized failed pandemic measures.

As such, the Roque has “international accountability e undermine the International Criminal Court and the UN Human Rights Council, its mechanisms and treaty bodies, and downplay or justify many official acts of dubious legal and constitutional validity “.

” Like many decent people and honorable members of the legal community, we humbly declare – and this is evidenced by numerous records – that despite his obvious academic and professional ‘bragging rights’, he is morally undeserved to be part of this sublime international. ”Judicial organ. It is perceived by not a few as a disgrace to the legal profession and the academic community, “he emphasized.

NUPL pointed out that the nomination is a question of law, but that self-promotion has a” bad taste in the mouth ” leaves behind.

“Competence only makes sense with consistency, integrity and credibility. Electing him to the commission means belittling his seriousness, mocking his goals, and can tarnish his integrity, “he said.

” Without joy, we respectfully reject this hypocritical ambition of fellow Filipino lawyers to reinvent themselves and basically off, especially one backed by a government that is despised in the international community for its human rights abuses and volatile affiliation, and even regressive positions on vital international law and principles, “she added.

In one In a September 12 letter to ILC, the Free Legal Assistance Group (FLAG) rejected Roque’s nomination.

FLAG said, “Mr. Roque does not qualify for a seat on the Commission. Although he studied law and taught international law, he is a political partisan who actively despises the rule of law and, with particular relevance to the Commission, has undermined the supremacy of human rights and international law. “

The candidates are from the member states of the United Nations nominated and Roque is among the eleven candidates from the Asia-Pacific states fighting for eight seats in the region.

There are 34 seats on the UN legislative body and those elected have a five-year term.

The term of office of the current members expires at the end of 2022, the new members begin next January.