The Department of Transport is said to have been impressed by the measures Suffolk has put in place to encourage cycling and walking in Ipswich and other cities.
– Credit: Charlotte Bond

Officials and councilors in Suffolk are waiting to hear if the county will get new money from the Department of Transportation to encourage cycling and walking after a new £ 338 million national package to encourage “active travel”

This includes the expansion of roads and paths, changes to the road traffic regulations – and a new emphasis on active travel when changes to the road network are planned.

The new national program was presented by Minister of Transport Grant Shapps, after cycling increased more than last year than the last 20 years combined, with the number of kilometers driven on UK roads increasing 45.7% to 5 billion.

Independent opinion polls and new research, also published by the DfT published show that active travel programs are supported on average with a ratio of two to one.

The ministry has the car Railway authorities such as Suffolk County Council have not yet communicated what they can individually expect from this program – but officials hope that this area will receive a generous settlement.

The advice from the government is that the changes are being made to the roads in Ipswich and other Suffolk towns to encourage cycling and walking did well in Whitehall – so the county could expect a sensible settlement.

But for now the official line is cautious. A council spokesman said: “This funding could greatly benefit our active travel initiatives across the county. We look forward to more information on how the funds are distributed. “

In the national announcement, Mr. Shapps said,” Millions of us have found over the past year that cycling and walking are great ways to stay fit, traffic jams and make a contribution to the environment.

“As we build greener after the pandemic, we are determined to keep this trend going by making active travel easier and safer for everyone.

” This package worth 338 million

This funding will help support the construction of hundreds of kilometers of new bike lanes and new programs to promote walking. This includes improvements across the National Cycle Network. A new version of the road traffic regulations will be published in autumn.

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