Raymond Kopa is over! Thanks to a double from Andy Delort, Nice won on the lawn of Angers and took 2nd place in Ligue 1, behind the untouchable PSG! Jostled throughout the game, the Aiglons found the resources to finally win!

What a fabulous goal from Andy Delort which will deliver victory to Nice! Ball returned from the head for an exceptional volley! Bernardoni is beaten!

There are still 3 minutes left in this meeting, enough for one of the two teams to win?

What a pity for the Aiglons! Ball messed up and headed by Atal in the box. Claude Maurice tries an upturned scissor which is just above Bernardoni’s goals!

Even less than ten minutes to play in this meeting, counting the potential additional time. Nice is the siege of the Angevin area!

Finally, Angers ends well this part with an outburst by Brahimi who finds Boufal! The Moroccan continues with a narrow strike!

Another number of Gouiri which infiltrates the surface and hits! Bernardoni pushes back on Claude-Maurice who sends a praline above! He was all alone!

On entering the area, Amine Gouiri does not ask any questions and sends a praline under the bar of Bernardoni … but the goalkeeper takes the ball away on a tap!

The Niçois come back to the SCO camp with a new outburst of Atal! The Nice side finds Lemina 30 meters away who is taking his chance! It is above!

Big number of Mohamed Ali Cho who dribbles before serving in a second time Fulgini! The Angevin striker is beaten by Benitez!

Even when Nice is less well, something is happening! Strong center towards Delort who continues with a strike. It is countered and the trajectory lobe Bernardoni! 1 to 1!

It is getting closer for Nice! Enormous opening of Dante for Atal who centers towards Delort! The Niçois striker can not resume narrowly!

Ball badly returned by the Angevin defense on a corner and Atal appears to place a volley! It’s okay but safe for Bernardoni!

It’s the break at Raymond-Kopa! Angers leads 1-0 against Nice thanks to a penalty obtained and converted by Sofiane Boufal! The Aiglons are struggling to show themselves in the game and have not given themselves clear chances. Christophe Galtier will have to re-motivate his troops!

We are getting closer to the end of the first period and Angers still leads 1 to 0. Watch out for the corner for Nice which is sent back!

The Nice midfielders are projecting very well but lack precision in the last pass. Delort and Gouiri cannot exist!

Recently led, Nice returned to the opposing camp but Gouiri lost a bunch of balls. A good omen for the people of Nice nonetheless!

Sofiane Boufal comes face to face with Benitez … and scores in the small net of the Nice goalkeeper! 1 to 0 for Angers against Nice!

Penalty obtained by Boufal after a series of hooks! Atal makes the mistake and Boufal wants to take the penalty … We will check the video to know if it was good inside … And yes!

While not much was happening in this meeting, Atal spills over to his side for the head of Delort! He finds Bernardoni’s post which hadn’t moved!

Great fear in front of Bernardoni’s goal with a very bizarre release from the Angevin goalkeeper! Fortunately, there was no one behind!

The Aiglons put their foot back on the ball a little but it remains between the middle and the defense! Few balloons to get under the feet for the duo Gouiri-Delort!

The possession is to the advantage of the SCO on these first minutes, Nice does not touch many balls. But either way, it’s pretty sterile.

The referee of the day has already used his whistle a lot and the game has stopped regularly. The match is struggling to get started!

We thought he was injured but Andy Delort complains about his feeds. He will change them immediately considering the soaked lawn!

There is no waiting in this meeting! The two teams throw each other easily forward without being dangerous!

Since its comeback in the elite in 2015/16, Angers have won only 2 of their 12 Ligue 1 matches against Nice (5 draws, 5 losses).

Defeated 3-0 in its last 2 confrontations with Nice in Ligue 1, Angers could chain 3 consecutive losses by at least 3 goals against the same opponent for the second time in its history in the elite after Bastia between December 1974 and April 1977 (3).

Bernardoni – Manceau, Traorà © (c), Thomas – Cabot, Mendy, Mangani, Doumbia – Fulgini – Cho, Boufal

Dante is back in the eleven of Nice after his serious injury! He will wear the captain’s armband against Angers and he will form the hinge with Todibo. In front, Gouiri and Delort will lead the attack!

Benitez – Atal, Todibo, Dante (c), Bard – Da Cunha, Rosario, Lemina, Kamara – Delort, Gouiri

Hello everyone and welcome to RMC Sport to follow the 12th day of Ligue 1 live! Angers receives Nice and the Aiglons can become PSG dolphins if they win!

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