Société Angers is organizing its first car-free day this Sunday

TRAVEL As in Paris, you will have to leave your car in the garage in Angers city center this Sunday

It’s not just in Paris or Brussels that you will have to leave your vehicle in the garage this Sunday. For the first time, the city of
Angers is organizing a “car-free day” in the inner city between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. “The opportunity for the Angevins to appropriate part of the city differently, without the use of the car, and to highlight soft mobility”, indicates the town hall headed by Christophe Béchu (various right), who even had some made a campaign engagement, like more and more city councilors.

To encourage residents to leave their homes, and to make the most of the Heritage Days taking place this weekend, public transport will be free on the entire network. The town hall also intends to put the package on the bicycle since free loans per day will be possible, and a promo code to rent
self-service electric bicycles and scooters has been published.

Six bicycle villages will be set up in the city, with repair or initiation workshops. Festive and cultural events are also on the program.

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