It was a carefree time that Angelo Fulgini (25) likes to remember. As a child, the Angers attacking midfielder regaled the terrain of Nord-Pas-de-Calais and, when his mother Shina did not prepare good little sandwiches for him to eat in the back of the car after training, she sometimes took him to ‘to Bollaert to attend RC Lens meetings. It was in 2006, 2007, the young Fulgini was about ten years old and he remembers it well.

“I was placed behind the goal (Trannin stand, left, when watching TV). It was the first time I went to see matches, I was a little impressed. In fact, I remember the sound of the kop more than the matches. When you’re little, you look more at the atmosphere, that’s really what marked me. And then, at half-time, we were going to grab a small fries to eat. You had to go a little before half-time otherwise there were too many people. “

On the pitch, little Fulgini took a liking to winger Olivier Thomert. “There was Dindane, Cousin, Demont… It was a great team, I liked it. There was also Vitorino Hilton, who had prepared a nice surprise for him. Because, with his small team from Douai, Fulgini attracted the eyes of all the scouts in the region.

Lens had invited him to spend a day at the Gaillette training center in order to recruit him and the Brazilian defender had offered him a jersey which he had hidden under his parka. According to his mother, Fulgini had not stopped talking about it on the way home. But the seduction operation had finally failed because the kid preferred to play with a friend and he had joined Valenciennes …

“Last season, when we played in Lens, before the match, in the bus, I put the Corons in the headphones”

Fifteen years later, Fulgini retains a beautiful image of the Sang et Or. “Already, I like the coach (Franck Haise) who does a lot of work with his team, and I’m happy that the club has regained its place in Ligue 1 , assures the former VA. And then, I have an anecdote about the Corons, because it marked me: last season, when we played in Lens (3-1 for Angers), before the match, in the bus, I was put the Corons in the headphones. There were no supporters (the game was behind closed doors) and I wanted to get in the mood, so I listened to this on the drive from the hotel to the stadium. I told my friends, they took me for a fool, but it brought us luck! “

A little superstitious, Fulgini would see himself repeating this feat this Friday evening before going to Bollaert. Where he also hopes to score for the first time.