The Bundeswehr brass band will play the very sulphurous Du hast den Farbfilm vergessen by East German diva Nina Hagen on Wednesday before the handover to Olaf Scholz.

It is on a hit from the communist era signed by a punk diva that Angela Merkel will bid farewell to the armed forces on Thursday, a choice that surprised and amused Germany. At the end of the day, the army will pay homage to him with the torch during a carefully codified ceremony called Zapfenstreich.

Before closing her sixteen years in power on Wednesday and handing over to Olaf Scholz, the Chancellor will attend, like her predecessors, this military ritual. And like them, Angela Merkel had the opportunity to order the “soundtrack” of the ceremony with the Bundeswehr fanfare. Among her three musical choices is a 1974 hit: Du hast den Farbfilm vergessen (“You forgot the color film”) by East German punk diva Nina Hagen.

A wish widely commented on in recent days in Germany where Angela Merkel is best known for her taste in opera and her annual visit to the Bayreuth festival. Asked at a press conference Thursday about this choice, she explained that it reminded her of her twenty years in communist East Germany. “This song was a highlight of my youth (…) The song also comes from East Germany and, coincidentally, it is still played in a region. gion that was my constituency. So everything is right now, ”observed the 67-year-old leader.

Angela Merkel was born in the port city of Hamburg before her father, a pastor and schoolteacher, decided to take the whole family to live in the GDR to preach the gospel. In her recent farewell speeches, she has repeatedly paid tribute to an East German culture which tends to disappear from collective memory since Reunification. In this song, Nina Hagen, known in the 1980s for her powerful voice and extravagant looks, criticizes her lover for forgetting the color film for vacation photos, in times before. pixels, smartphones and digital photography.

Some saw it as a mark of irony from the Chancellor after 30 years of career in a political environment dominated by men. “By choosing a song that many bellows at the kitchen table on the birthdays of the family uncle, the Chancellor once again testifies to the finesse of his humor,” the newspaper greeted. Berliner Tagesspiegel. The title did not appear in the register of the Bundeswehr, which had to make an express adaptation, confided the leader of the band to the press.

The musicians are on more familiar ground with the rest of the Chancellor’s selection: a 1960s ballad Für mich soll’s rote Rosen regen (“It should rain red roses for me”) and a hymn religious.

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the class in the image of her country, of her years at the head of this one an old one who knows how to stay young and connected to reality

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I miss this time too! Since the fall of the wall nothing is as it was before! Long live the GDR! Long live the Free Soviet Bloc!

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Angela Merkel summons 1980s punk and GDR for Chancellery farewell