On November 30, 1937, Joséphine Baker married Jean Lion in Crèvecoeur-le-Grand in the Oise. It was on this day that she acquired French nationality. Reason for which she enters the Pantheon this Tuesday, anniversary date, 84 years later.

Joséphine Baker’s pantheonization today owes nothing to chance, the date was carefully and symbolically chosen. Because it was on November 30 that the artist and resistance fighter became French. On November 30, 1937, she married in Crèvecoeur-le-Grand in the Oise to Jean Lion, an industrial sugar broker. Their union will last barely more than a year (14 months), but it is thanks to this marriage that the singer, dancer, actress, leader of the magazine and resistance will become French. And his visit to Crèvecoeur-le-Grand marked the town. Today, Joséphine Baker is there a true symbol of freedom and equality.

That day, Josephine Baker got married in the old wedding hall. Jean Lion is her third husband because she had been married for the first time at 13 and then at 15. This November 30, 1937, she is 31 years old and her new husband 27 years old.

The passage of Joséphine Baker in Crèvecoeur-le-Grand did not leave the inhabitants indifferent. If the ceremony was rather intimate, her choice to get married here and become French there made Joséphine Baker a symbol of the city, as the mayor of Crèvecoeur, Aymeric Bourleau, recounts, to listen to again by clicking on the replay below. below.

Moreover, it is in Crèvecoeur-le-Grand that the only high school that bears his name is located. He was baptized three years ago, after a vote within the establishment.

Several names were in the running, such as that of the former owner of the building or Cabu, the former designer of Charlie Hebdo. Ultimately, it was Joséphine Baker who won the day. And in this high school, the artist is present everywhere, as you will hear in the report.

This high school is an EREA, a regional adapted educational establishment. It therefore welcomes boys and girls in difficulty in boarding schools. Students can take training courses as a florist or a carpenter. And for the principal of the establishment, it is in the image of the “rainbow” spirit of the family of Josephine Baker and her twelve children from all continents.

Listen to the interview again: “Joséphine Baker is in the DNA of the school”, Nicolas Piegle, principal of the eponymous school.

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