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The beginning of the meeting is fully Amiens. Badji secures the first opportunity, which Maraval takes without worry (2 ′). Then, on a corner deflected by Mendy, Arokodare was alone in front of the goalkeeper to shoot him at close range, but sent his volley to the Dunkirk goalkeeper (6 ′). The rest is a little less dangerous, the only strike being signed by Gnahore on the second ball on a corner kicked back, but his shot is too removed (18 ‘).

A good part of the first half hour resembles this action where Lusamba crosses after a good three-way game and sees Gene very close to cutting (26 ′). The Amiens are not far from the account but are struggling to find the last correct gesture. Finally, it will be done when Lusamba finds Gene alone on the right. The young Samaran piston has plenty of time to adjust his strong center cut at point blank range by Badji (1-0, 27 ′).

Dunkirk reacted immediately to get his first chance, but Brahimi’s strike on a great collective movement did not worry Gurtner unduly (28 ′). The locals leave the front by Lusamba, interesting in the forward projection, which this time finds Arokodare, finally surprised by the return in extremis of Ba who against his shot for a corner (34 ′), on which, after a mess, Gnahore directly finds the arms of Maraval (35 ′).

Finally, Amiens was a little scared on a breakthrough by Majouga on the right side, whose closed angle strike did not deceive Gurtner (36 ′), but above all on a full axis opening towards Rocheteau whose beautiful rolled up made Gurtner shine who released a superb horizontal (43 ′). After a generally successful first period, Amiens logically leads, 1-0.

Dunkirk seems to return with more desire, but after a far-reaching attempt missed by Pierre (49 ′), a big opportunity in Amiens cooled the visitors. Sy effectively crosses in front of goal and Gene springs to the far post. After a first intervention by Maraval, the ball came back to his feet but, the body in an not ideal position, he saw his attempt crashing on the crossbar (50 ′).

If they leave more the ball to the Northerners, the Amiens seem sharper, without giving themselves any real chances. Everything accelerated with a quarter of an hour from the end when Trichard, from the left, found Rocheteau’s header, who again came up against an incredible horizontal by Gurtner (74 ′). And in the process, Lusamba launches Arokodare in depth, but the latter, face to face with Maraval, does not sting his ball enough to deceive the northerner goalkeeper (75 ′).

Finally, Amiens made the break thanks to Akolo. Served by Badji, the Congolese international turns around beautifully to find a perfect strike angle and clean the scope (2-0, 81 ′). Following a one-two with Akolo entering the box, Badji even came close to killing the match but lost his duel with Maraval (86 ′). And finally, on a low cross from Ciss, shifted by Akolo, Badji triples the bet closely in added time (3-0, 90 ‘2) If we must not forget that Gurtner had to release two magnificent parades to keep his people in front, it is logically that a rather attractive Amiens SC wins, 3-0. What to get out of the red zone while waiting for the match of Caen against Auxerre.

Amiens SC: Gurtner – Gene (Ciss 86 ′), Mendy, Pavlovic (yellow card 46 ′), Fofana (yellow card 83 ′), Sy – Gnahore (Gomis 90 ‘1), Benet (Lomotey 77 ′), Lusamba (Bamba 86 ′) – Arokodare (Akolo 77 ′), Badji

USL Dunkerque: Maraval – Thiam (yellow card 84 ′), Gomis, Ba, Kouagba – Pierre (yellow card 63 ′, Segbe Azankpo 77 ′), Kikonda (Dudouit 86 ′) – Majouga (Trichard 67 ′), Brahimi, Rocheteau – Tchokounté