On September 17, 1971, the first episode of “Amicalement Vôtre” (“The Persuaders”) was broadcast. In this one-season series, the cars mirror their characters – especially heroes Danny Wilde / Tony Curtis and Brett Sinclair / Roger Moore – to the point of stealing the limelight from them.

1969-1974 / 300,000 euros

A mid-engined coupe for Danny Wilde (Tony Curtis), the American self-made man who conquered Wall Street. Despite lines of rare purity thanks to the pencil stroke of the bodybuilder Bertone and its red color, the 246 GT is not a Ferrari but a Dino, named after the son of Enzo Ferrari who died in 1956. And in the years 1970, it was not really popular because it was considered a “poor man’s Ferrari”, an entry level competing with the Porsche 911.

The best thing about the Dino is its 195 hp V6 engine in the rear center position, which gives it efficiency and ease of handling far superior to its German rival.

For the purposes of the series, the production of Amicalement Vôtre recovers a customer’s Dino with its real Italian registration from Modena. After the shoot, the car is no longer in top form when it finds its owner. The latter parted ways in 1977 and the Dino passed into third hands in 1979, a time when this model was trading for the equivalent of less than 20,000 euros.

Today, the rarity (only 3,883 units produced) and the notoriety of the model have exploded its price. We dare not imagine the day when the Dino with chassis n ° 00810 will resurface!

1967-1972 / 130,000 euros

To get around, a lord can only drive in a British car. The choice of Aston Martin was imposed when the manufacturer saw in the series and its luxury cast a very good publicity opportunity. For the car, it was more complicated because Aston wanted to put forward its new V8-powered DBS but it was not ready.

For filming, a 6 cylinder DBS was made up with badges and rims. The color “Bahama Yellow” contrasted perfectly with the red of the Dino and the very design of the cars reflected the style opposition of the characters: with the V6 in the central rear position and manual gearbox of the Italian car of Danny Wilde (Tony Curtis), the Brett Sinclair’s DB6 (Roger Moore) responded with a 282bhp 4-liter straight-6 in the front and even had a three-speed automatic version.

During the filming, the Aston (closely followed by an marque technician to avoid a nasty breakdown) traveled 8,000 km and was then returned to the factory for reconditioning and second-hand sale. In the 1990s, its fourth owner decided to restore it to its “original” configuration. Only the BS1 license plate is missing, officially linked to the Rolls-Royce Corniche of a wealthy fairground man, Bill Stewart, who had authorized producers to use it.

In some scenes, we notice that the Aston is wearing its real license plate (PPP 6H). In the 2000s, the BS1 license plate was sold on its own for several tens of thousands of euros and now sits on a white Lamborghini Aventador. As for the DBS of Brett Sinclair, it panicked the counters at an auction in 2014: a wealthy fan of the car and / or the series won for 650,000 euros, five times the price of model. The signing of the two players has a lot to do with it, even more than the 10,000 km on the clock.

1962-1980 / 25,000 euros

In the series, several female secondary characters ride in a white convertible with a black top. If we can see a Caravelle and a Triumph Spitfire, the MG B of Prune (Juliet Harmer) further illustrates the role-car link: the English roadster suits Brett Sinclair’s friend perfectly, a tall blonde in a dark fur coat. uncapped despite the cold of duck. Produced in 350,000 copies, the MG B enjoys the 95 hp of its four-cylinder and shows a certain reliability.

1948-1981 / 6,000 euros

The Citroën H is the iconic utility of the post-war period, the almost indestructible frame whose reliability makes you forget the anemic performance. Its large cargo volume is therefore the business of Sidonie (Joan Collins, whose career was not at the top at the time), an artist photographer who transported her equipment there. With the fashion for food trucks and retro, the rare price of a Citroën Type H still roadworthy is only increasing: in France, it has climbed by 20% in two years.

In the 1970s, the seat belt was a simple accessory and the speed limit a very vague concept, despite the maddening figures of road fatalities. Far from these considerations, the first episode of Amicalement Vôtre features a sequence of 2 ’40 that will make those responsible for road safety faint.

Questions infringements, it is the total with an incalculable number of crossings of continuous line, permanent speeding violations even “endangering the life of others” given the rate at which the Dino of Danny Wilde and the Aston Martin de Brett Sinclair pass through the villages.

It all starts at the exit of Nice airport and ends in front of the Hotel de Paris in Monaco via the coastal road (Villefranche-sur-Mer, Beaulieu, Cap d´Ail). Even if it cannot be traveled at the same speed, the route is fairly easy to find but today it is impossible to reproduce the scene of the arrival face to face: the street in front of the Hôtel de Paris is a one-way street. and parking in front is pure fantasy.

On the other hand, you can play Brett Sinclair there if you’re willing to drop $ 4,000 a night in a suite ….

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