According to the union that led the campaign, Amazon used illegal intimidation tactics that prevented a “free and fair” vote on whether to unionize a warehouse in Alabama earlier this month.

The one in Seattle Resident e-tailing giant, which closely watched the hotly contested vote in Bessemer, Ala., on April 9, had previously threatened to lay off workers at the facility and shut it down entirely if workers voted to unionize on allegations filed by the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union with the US Labor Inspectorate.

RWDSU filed a total of 23 objections with the National Relations Labor Board late Friday, claiming that Amazon has “an atmosphere of the.” Created confusion, coercion and / or fear of reprisals “.

The union, which is requesting a hearing with the NLRB to discuss their objections, said the results – with workers voting more than 2 to 1 against union formation and 55 percent of workers in Votes of the facility – doing this should be set aside because the online giant interfered in the voting process.

In a statement on the objection, Amazon said, “The fact is, less than 16 percent of BHM1 Voted to join a union. Rather than accepting the choice of these employees, the union seems determined to continue to misrepresent the facts in order to advance its own agenda. We look forward to the next steps in the legal process. “

The objections could be the start of a lengthy process before the NLRB to determine whether the election results were fair. Either side can produce evidence and challenge the other party’s allegations and the NLRB’s decisions.

The presence of a ballot box in the staff car park where security cameras were placed made it appear that “Amazon, not NLRB” was the Mechanisms of the elections controlled, said RWDSU in a statement. The union had objected to the use of the ballot box, which was allegedly used as an intimidation tactic.

“The employer gave the impression that it was recording the identity of the employees who were voting on the security cameras in the employee parking lot to approve the employees who enter and leave the tent around the collection box, “the objection says.

Meanwhile, the Amazon union also accuses employees who have supported an employment contract in positions of contact with employees during restrict working hours. In addition, Amazon allegedly offered to “pay disgruntled or unhappy employees to leave,” the union said.

According to the objection, Amazon also fired a union supporter for distributing union cards in non-working areas of the warehouse. At the same time, Amazon was trying to influence the vote by relaxing some of its workplace rules during the voting process, giving employees pay rises and giving away goods, the union said.

The month-long vote has attracted worldwide attention and was made by Jeff Bezos, the billionaire – CEO of Amazon, addressed in his letter to shareholders last week, “The best place to work in the world.” In Bezos’ letter to shareholders, he admitted that Amazon was at work due to repeated requests that he made later this year Jahr, in his new role as Executive Chairman of the company, had a workplace injury problem.

But he denied the allegations made by workers and others against the company that there was not enough time for bathroom and meal breaks which is not true.

“Employees can take informal breaks during their shift to relax stretching, fetching water, using the toilet, or speaking to a manager without affecting their performance. These informal work breaks are in addition to the 30 minute lunch and 30 minute break that are built into their normal schedule, ”he said.

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