At the end of a press conference given on Tuesday, December 21, the president (LR) of the European Collectivity of Alsace (CEA), Frédéric Bierry, indicated that he wanted to set up a citizen consultation. It will focus on the institutional future of Alsace, with its potential exit from the Grand Est in the background.

Frédéric Bierry is the president (LR) of the Collectivité européenne d’Alsace (CEA), which will celebrate its birthday on Sunday January 1, 2022. He announced on Tuesday December 21, 2021 that he wanted to set up a citizen consultation, via the creation of an “Alsace Development Council”. It will focus on the institutional future of Alsace. Frédéric Bierry has never hidden the little importance he made of the Grand Est. He wants the Alsatian population to be able to choose whether or not to stay there. A position supported during the campaign for the departmental elections of June 2021. And reaffirmed after the re-election of Frédéric Bierry in his canton of Mutzig (Bas-Rhin), then at the head of the CEA (visible on the map below) .

For three months, the president of the CEA traveled through each of the 40 Alsatian cantons. He said he wanted to “realize the expectations, as close as possible to the daily life and concerns” of the population. This tour of Alsace convinced him to “reweave the democratic bond”, and to associate the Alsatians “to the major decisions of [his] mandate “. It will be done through a “first major citizen consultation”, on the model of “Swiss votes”. In his press conference, Frédéric Bierry said he wanted to “give back to Alsatians the ability to influence decisions.”

This consultation has been available online since December 21. Participants are simply asked to answer yes or no to this question: “Should Alsace leave the Grand-Est region to become a full-fledged region again?”

Other channels of communication and expression will also be planned: public meetings, telephone, social networks … Voting can also be done by correspondence and by ballot.

Frédéric Bierry hopes that Alsatians will participate in large numbers in this citizen consultation: “It starts to make sense if there are at least 100.00 voters”, he estimated. The consultation will last until mid-February 2022.

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