300 cases per 100,000 inhabitants are worth the Alpes-Maritimes to appear in bright red on the map of the Sentinelles network, this network for research and health monitoring in primary care in mainland France.

It is one of the most affected departments in France. “Over the past few days, I have been receiving a lot of calls for children,” explains Dr Cathijean Suf, general practitioner and regulator at Center 15.

Barrier gestures are less and less respected. During my last call out of ten calls I received, two concerned cases of gastroenteritis whose symptoms are in part the same as those of COVID,

Same story with Cyril Colombani, pharmacist in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin: “it had been a while since we had seen such a violent episode, especially since there had been practically no cases for a year and a half . “

The pharmacist puts forward a hypothesis: “the diagram is simple: a child contracts gastro, he transmits it to his brother or sister who will then pass it on to the parents. Result: everyone is in chaos for two or three days. “

The first symptoms are severe diarrhea, vomiting, it is not uncommon for the patient to have a bowel movement four to five times in the same day.

“We offer medicines without a prescription. When there is a sick child, we come here to the pharmacy, if there are two children and adults it is the doctor’s box. And it may still get worse at least until ‘to the next vacation “explains Cyril Colombani.

Dr Cathijean Suf notes that hand washing, especially at school, is less and less appropriate: “children imitate their parents and as a result the virus is transmitted through the hands or even in contact with the toilet bowl.”

More worryingly, the practitioner is concerned that the government is considering no longer forcing children to wear masks, which she believes is a bad idea. Remember that in the Alpes-Maritimes this is still compulsory for children from CP to CM2.

The doctor gives valuable advice if the cases are not to explode:

The Alpes-Maritimes have been very affected by the coronavirus, in addition the rate of unvaccinated people remains high, 31.5% according to social security. It is therefore all the more important to be on guard.

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