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Whether at home or in San Diego, Comic-Con wouldn’t be the same without a check-in with Robert Kirkman and Skybound. Kirkman opened with a pitch to get everyone vaccinated (“You can go to comic book stores!”) And then switched to the Skybound catalog. Kirkman went through a list of updates before moving on to fan questions. The questions ranged from Skybound X to Invincible. If you’d like to see the full panel, you can see it here.

The first discussion was about “Rick Grimes 2000”. Kirkman stated that this is not a return to The Walking Dead, but a new way of looking at the character in a “crazy world”. There are apparently also lightsabers, old friends, new friends, and ROBOTS! The inspiration for the story comes from an early edition of The Walking Dead. In a letter to the editorial team, a fan asked what Kirkman was up to when he ran out of ideas. Kirkman’s response in the “Letters to the Editor” column was that he would “add aliens and so on.” Based on this joke, Kirkman later wrote an alien story for The Walking Dead, which he used as the basis for this new story in Skybound X.

In the upcoming issue 5 of Skybound X, Kirkman and Jason Howard will premiere “C.O.D.E.”. (Combat ball defense machines). Issue 5 will also feature the final installment of “Rick Grimes 2000”.

There weren’t any big Skybound announcements for Invincible, but there were lots of fan questions. A fan question came up about customizing seasons 2 and 3. Kirkman said they will customize the next two seasons in the same way as the first season. Unlike The Walking Dead, Kirkman noted that planning Invincible was easier because it was a finished story. There was a caveat. “I like new ideas,” said Kirkman. Kirkman admitted that he was excited to see changes to the story to make it stronger. As for the casting, there were no updates. A fan asked about other The Walking Dead cast members. While eager to get back to work with the entire cast, Kirkman hadn’t cast anyone yet.

Another fan asked Kirkman what characters he would like to add in the upcoming seasons. Kirkman confirmed fan favorite Conquest was in the works, but Kirkman refused to name who he had in mind for the role. Other characters Kirkman wanted to add to the series are Bulletproof, Thragg, and Space Racer. Kirkman had already confirmed that Angstrom Levy would be in Season 2. A fan asked about the possibility of a crossover with Wolf-man. “There is a chance. I’ll leave it at that, ”said Kirkman. Kirkman wasn’t kidding when he said he was open to new ideas.

A fan asked Kirkman if he was interested in doing a one-time edition for Battle Beast, similar to Negan’s. Kirkman said he would be interested in writing one, but he had no intention of doing so. “In fact, I have a pretty cool idea,” said Kirkman.

Kirkman announced that merchandise would be available by the end of the year. Referring to an Invincible video game, Kirkman said, “I’m sure we will, I can’t say more.” Kirkman also noted that there are currently no plans for an Invincible spin-off series, but those plans may change. On the season 2 release date, Kirkman said, “In the future.” This is a brilliant answer as the future never actually arrives and any date set would be essentially an early release. Well played.

Kirkman confirmed that Oblivion Song will be completed after issue 36. As for the movie, there is no news on this. Kirkman confirmed that while Oblivion Song was still in development, it was too flux to make any public announcement.

Skybound released Fire Power’s 12th issue in June, and Kirkman teased that issue 18 was going to be a big one. As? No idea. When a fan question asked about Kirkman’s favorite scene from the comic, Kirkman said it hadn’t happened yet. Kirkman stated that a favorite scene usually meant the end of a comic because if he couldn’t go beyond his previous ideas he would get bored with the story. Because of this, Kirkman confirmed that he knew how and when to end Fire Power, including the number of the problem. In typical Kirkman fashion, he did not divulge this information.

The big change last month was the announcement that Skybound has a new imprint for young adults and mid-range material called Skybound Comet. The first title under this imprint will be Clementine. Clementine is based on the character from The Walking Dead Telltale Games series and will be by author / artist Tillie Walden. Although Kirkman highly praised Clementine, he had no updates on it. Based on a fan question, Kirkman confirmed that Clementine wouldn’t face Rick Grimes for continuity reasons. Rick never met Clementine in The Walking Dead series.

Season 11 of the television series The Walking Dead starts in August, but the comic is of course over. Kirkman said he expected The Walking Dead to “exist in a different way.” As an example, Kirkman cited the Clementine series or the storylines in Skybound X.

As for the movie The Walking Dead, Kirkman joked that he expected it to be released before 2032. Kirkman admitted that he was frustrated that there was no news yet. However, Kirkman stated that patience is a good thing. “We don’t want a bad Rick Grimes movie, do we? We want a great Rick Grimes movie, ”said Kirkman. Will the absence make Rick’s heart beat faster? Or do we even want to see the rest of his story in a few years?

Most of the video consisted of answers to fan questions about Kirkman and Skybound. Below are a few tidbits;

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