At the last Grand Prix in Turkey, Alfa Romeo lost a points opportunity when Kimi Räikkönen, who was faster than Antonio Giovinazzi, was slowed down by his teammate. The Italian refused to listen to the instructions asking him to move, but Frà © dà © ric Vasseur explains that the situation has since been resolved.

“Turkey was a tough race for the strategists, for the drivers, and to know exactly what the right level of attack was, because we were trying to save the tires” had to © clarified the director of Alfa Romeo.

“There was a huge economy in turn eight and at one point Kimi attacked a lot more. We said we were going to keep the tires and we gave Antonio two choices.”

“Either he was attacking or he was pushing himself. He was probably too conservative but I don’t want to blame him. We discussed that. We lost points, clearly, but I don’t want to blame Antonio . “

Vasseur assures us that the team put this behind them: “Yes. We had a discussion, he was sticking to the plan and we had a window to attack more. We had two or three laps to figure out what was going on. ‘he could push more, but it’s like that. “

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