It is not uncommon to see a couple of actors. Chloé Jouannet, Alexandra Lamy’s daughter, is also in a relationship with another actor. Find out which one.

TF1 launches on May 27, 2021, “Luther”, the French adaptation of the British series of the same name. If Christopher Bayemi plays Thà © o, the main character, Chloà © Jouannet, Alexandra’s daughter, is also in the cast. She plays the role of Alice Morgan. The opportunity to discover more about the young actress and in particular about her life as a couple.

Like most young people of her age, Chloé Jouannet is very active on social networks.

In October 2020, the pretty blonde therefore introduced Sandor Funtek, her new lover to her many subscribers, on Instagram.

It goes without saying that the photo is eloquent since we see them kissing on the mouth, although the kiss is hampered by their mask.

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Coming from a family of actors, Chloà © Jouannet has also chosen one as a companion. Self-taught, Sandor Funtek began acting in 2013 in “The Life of Adele”, the award-winning film at the Cannes Film Festival. As he puts it, he learned on film sets and not in film schools, which he had a hard time coming to terms with.

He then goes on in other productions, namely, â ???? Dheepanâ € The Hungry Peopleâ € ™, â € Jeunes Wild Youthâ € ™, and more.

Since the officialization of their romance, fans have regularly had the pleasure of seeing her lover again on the young actress’ Instagram account.

It seems that their love is still in good shape after several months of relationships. Moreover, the couple are well matched, just with the right age gap, 23 years for Chloe and 31 years for her lover.

With the arrival of â ???? Lutherâ ???? on the screens, it’s a safe bet that the actors of the series gain more notoriety. Especially since the casting of this French adaptation is rather attractive. Moreover, discover everything there is to know about Christopher Bayemi, the main protagonist of the fiction.

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