Alexandra, winner of Koh-Lanta: The 4 Lands, testified on Instagram about the traumatic assault she suffered from a stranger. The mother of the family does not intend to stop there.

After long weeks of waiting, Koh-Lanta fans will finally be able to discover the new season of TF1’s survival game, this Tuesday, August 24. To celebrate its 20 years, the channel brought together 20 emblematic candidates who made the best hours of the program for an All-Stars edition. Among them, we notably count Clémence Castel, Cindy Poumeyrol, Claude Dartois, of which it will be the last season, Laurent Maistret, or Teheiura. Alexandra Pornet, the candidate from the East and the big winner of Koh-Lanta: Les 4 Terres, who beat Brice in the final, will also be there.

This Tuesday, August 24, the candidate should simply have welcomed the broadcast of the show. But Alexandra was the victim of an assault by “a madman,” while she was with her niece, her mother and her daughters. She shared her mishap on her Instagram account, still in shock and shaking. “We have just been assaulted in front of the Cavignac laboratory by a guy. Insulted, assaulted, threatened, for nothing more, I just got out of the car,” she testified. “He started yelling at my mom and then at me,” she added. She indicated that she did not intend to stop there. “Frankly, I’m not well. I’m going to go file a handrail or file a complaint. I’m going to do that this afternoon. I took his license plate, so it’s not going to be like that. I don’t understand. not that we can attack people like that. In addition, in front of the children, insult them, threaten them. I do not know, the respect, it is where? “, she was indignant. The man fled, when the adventurer told him that she was writing down his license plate number. “Thank you to HP Bordeaux for keeping a place for this future patient. Courage to his wife and children …” she concluded her message.

The mother had moved viewers of Koh-Lanta by revealing that Lana, her youngest daughter then aged 2 and a half, suffered from an “eye disease”. Last February, she had also revealed that the little girl was going to have to undergo a new operation. “It’s been more than six months that the hospitalization was postponed because of the Covid. The last times, the pressure in his eye was rather stable. But there, I learned that it was a little too high and that it was damaging his optic nerve. So we were going to have to start an operation again quickly. After what shocks me is the enormous lack of doctors specialized in this field and the lack of equipment in the hospitals which must lend it to each other “, had- she testified.

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