From a last forehand return missed by Querrey at 40-30, Zverev continues to stick to the score.

Zverev insisted first in the backhand diagonal before accelerating down the line. Surprised, Querrey can only send his forehand into the net.

A final direct forehand foul from Querrey and Zverev continues to hold the score.

After an outside service, Zverev attacks with a long backhand then continues with a topspin volley from a forehand before concluding with a smash after rebound.

An outside ace then a powerful long forehand and Querrey keeps the scoring controls.

Querrey plays a forehand cushion that goes a bit too high and Zverev slips a backhand slice pressed down the line. Querrey’s passing is then too long.

Zverev plays a backhand slice he wants to follow on the fly but it stops in the net.

Zverev’s winning foreign service, Querrey’s forehand return ended in the net.